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Arduino Hackfest!

Come check out the Boulder Arduino Hackfest! It's going to be awesome.

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There's nothing like incredibly short notice for an event, but when the event is this good, you might want to cancel your plans. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, September 19), Arduino Hackfest will take place in Boulder, Colo. It's going to be a ton of fun!

SparkFun Electronics - Promoting hacking in the name of fun since 2003.

We've teamed up with Quick Left and Twilio to provide developers with 30 SparkFun Inventor's Kits and endless amounts of beer and pizza. Attendees will have three hours to control what they’ve built using JavaScript/Arduino/Johnny-Five, etc. or integrate it with a web service API. The winners will receive prizes provided by SparkFun and Twilio. Here's are the details:

  • What: Arduino Hackfest with SparkFun, Twilio, and Quick Left
  • When: Wednesday, September 19 from 6 pm - 10pm
  • Where: Quick Left HQ - 902 Pearl St., Boulder, Colo.

If you're interested in participating, please register here! If you don't want to build and would rather just watch, that's okay! Just be sure to register with the "I'm just here to watch" ticket. Because the Quick Left office can only hold so much awesomeness at once, we have to cap event attendance - be sure to register in advance! Hope to see you there!

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  • Any photos of the event? Would love to see what was made. If you're in the Toronto area in late November, there's another hardware hackathon called Get Your Bot On. http://www.getyourboton.com

  • Cool - may I suggest two rows of tables not quite straight and provide 220vac outlets and make everyone use some kind of "nonvirtual" adapter?

    And when you serve the pizza, put the plates in one corner (ground), the pizza in another (inputs), and napkins (outputs) way on the other side, so the lines (wires) go everywhere. And only one kind of pizza: massive $28 per slice everything on it pizza. Take a few bites and throw the rest away.

    A virtual celebration of all thing Aardweenoo.

  • So are you confined to the sparkfun inventor kit are should you bring a project of yours?

  • I signed up a couple weeks ago and nudged several friends to come as well. STOKED! (Also, Quick Left's new office looks AH-MAZING!)

  • Hi! Im in Sweden and can´t make it. Can I join online? Time difference, eating pizza(?), building/coding Arduino and writing online( Twitter,FB and webbforum?) about it...sounds like fun...

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