XBee and New ARM Boards

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It's not much, but you've got to get one!

This is a simple metric to DIP breakout board the for XBee module from MaxStream. It converts the 2mm pitch XBee product to a 0.1" header that fits into breadboards.

Olimex has delivered a batch of new ARM boards!

STR750 Development Board

STR712 Development Board
This is the new LPC2378 board with audio, color LCD, SD socket, and even a triple axis MMA7260 accelerometer!

A simpler (if you can even say that) development board for the LPC2378.

New ARM programmer! The ARM-USB-Tiny is an OpenOCD compatible USB JTAG!

New AVR-CAN board with AT90CAN128.

And if you really must know, we've added a green super bright LED.

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