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Watch and learn: a video about the design process for a mobile camera

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When New York has a ghost problem they call the Ghostbusters. When you have problems using a SparkFun part, who you gonna call?

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When things become sentient, it's good to be able to remotely kill power.

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Servo says spin ... Servo didn't say stop! Today we have a new board that you may have seen before.

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The long SparkFun tradition of mild sadism in the name of comedy continues!

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One idea for hosting a web page or browser game at events with no Internet connection.

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A new 3D printer and a little something special later in the day. It's Friday!

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SparkFun and Kadenze are celebrating the Month of Creative Code – join us!

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Experiments in weatherproofing electronic circuits by forcing them through an unmodified document laminator.

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To paraphrase Mark Twain: I didn't have time to highlight one project, so I'm going to highlight three.

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Three t-shirt hacks using fabric origami to increase awesomeness

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Short Circuit came out 30 years ago today, you guys.

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Developing a demo app using an open source cross-platform framework (Xamarin) to display data from SparkFun's Phant server.

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Thank you for my laughs today. I went to their website and looked up circuit repair alone and couldn’t stop laughing. My favorite is either…
Thanks for the honest post. As a Christian hacker and SparkFun employee I assure you there are at least a few of us out there. As someone…
Thanks for this awesome opportunity and for convincing me to publish something open source. I really need to do more. Ive put everything I…
My solution, documentation, and tools can be found here… https://github.com/UofI-1996/BetterSpeedBagCounter 3-77hits –> 77 4-81hits –>…
When I saw this, my knee jerk reaction was to be incensed. Why is Sparkfun pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with electronics? How is…
>“Where does the vitriol come from?” Sparkfun has been one of my favorite websites for the last four years. I am surprised and…
Very cute <3 Counter-clockwise rotation intended.
I know. It doesn’t make sense to me either. If nothing else it elevates the political/social standing of the owner, especially considering…

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