The SparkFun LTE Stick, which utilizes the LARA-R6 from u-blox, is now available to transmit voice AND data over cellular IoT in North America.

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Nate on 20 Years of SparkFun

You've heard a lot of stories over the past year from employees as SparkFun celebrated its 20th anniversary. As the finale to our celebration, let's hear from Nate about his favorite memories from the last two decades.

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Our Staff Picks for Best of 2023

What a year 2023 was - we released so many cool and innovative products, had some spectacular product videos, learned a lot on the blog, and so much more! Check out what SparkFun's own staff voted our best of the year across multiple categories.

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That last New Product Post of the year brings some fine new accessories to the popular micro:bit line!

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Centimeter precision with the NEO-F9P GNSS-RTK L1/L5 Breakout, the BeanCounter, and a new 210 piece Standoff Kit!

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...But Can It Run DOOM?

This Wednesday, we are taking a look at our SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Board, which is now running DOOM!

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Applications of UV Sensors

We recently released a UV sensor! What can you use it for? Turns out, UV sensors have a broad range of applications, from healthcare to wastewater treatment. Learn more about all the ways UV sensors are used here!

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A week full of new products, the UM980 Triband GNSS RTK Breakout, the TMAG5273 Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensors, and a new 1.3in. Qwiic OLED all join the SparkFun Catalog!

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Spark creativity and innovation in makers and electronics enthusiasts with stocking stuffers that can lead to new projects or help them with current ones

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There is a whole world of precision and exploration out there, and with these gifts, you can empower GPS, GNSS, and surveying enthusiasts!

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Enjoy 12 days of exciting deals coming your way on some amazing Qwiic development boards.

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Do you have a hobbyist or tech enthusiast in your life that's impossible to shop for? Take a look at our 2023 Gift Guide because it takes one to know one!

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Over the years, SparkFun has always provided kits and materials to introduce young people and beginners to electronics, engineering, and STEM in a fun, hands-on way - these tools make fabulous and educational gifts for the holidays

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The ESP32 Qwiic Pro Mini and AS7331 Sensors are here along with a new GPS Dead Reckoning Kit and a handful of other new products from our partners.

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It's that time of year again. Make sure your gifts from SparkFun arrive on time!

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Pete's Headphones Featured on IEEE

Our very own Pete Lewis's audio project has been featured on IEEE! Learn more here about building your own hi-fi ear defenders.

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Not Your Mother's Spam Mail

What happens when you send us an over-engineered piece of junk mail? We put it on the blog of course.

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You’ve put together the XRP and got it moving, now for a servo and sensor challenge! Follow along with the latest video in the XRP series.

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Are you looking to begin data collection but unsure where to start? Look no further than our Datalogger kit, now available at a discounted price. Score big savings and get started on your data gathering journey today.

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SparkFun + NVIDIA have teamed up to ignite your creativity with this Hackster Contest. Apply for free hardware and win ridiculously awesome prizes!

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