New Product Friday: Bubblicious

We’re back with more new products! We have a little bit of something for everyone this week. Be sure to check out the bubble displays in action in the video. I’m already trying to find a use for those displays. They aren’t the brightest in the world, but they’re really cool…

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Enginursday: I'm Living In A Simulation

For this blog post, I was originally going to write a survey of some of my favorite tools - things that my workbench would be incomplete without. As I wrote more, I found that I’d written a whole lot about one specific tool. Rather than deleting it and starting over, I decided to change the…

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RedBot Class!

The SparkFun RedBot is our entry-level robotics kit designed to teach the basics of two motor robotics and sensor integration. It’s a great kit for someone who is looking to get started with robotics! Today we would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming RedBot Class taking place on…

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Hacker-in-Residence: Wireless Weather Station

Do you guys know what time it is? I will just tell you: It’s hacker time. We’re excited to have Matthew Burmeister here, now, at this very moment, in the cave of magic that is our Engineering department, working on an internet-enabled wireless weather station. Who isn’t interested…

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Creating a Custom Tilt Sensor

For this project we worked with a local company in Longmont, Mountain Molding. Their technicians, Todd and Warren, were kind enough to let us hang out and ask a few questions. Here’s a video we shot during our visits to their facility. The inspiration for this project came from one of my first…

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New Product Friday: Dumpster Dive Dos

We have a little something for everyone this week. We’ve got some new Actobotics products, a new 9DoF breakout, the Sound Detector, and other goodies. And of course, we have the second round of the SparkFun Dumpster Dive. The Dumpster Dive will officially go live at noon (Mountain Time Zone).…

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Enginursday: Yeah, I found it on eBay

It’s widely known that you can find just about anything on eBay. From Twinkies to the attempted sale of an aircraft carrier, you are bound to find something interesting. Before I found SparkFun, eBay was a pretty decent source for finding parts like motors, relays, power supplies, and really…

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SparkFun's Heading to SXSW!

Well, we warned you. Back in August we threatened to show up en masse in Austin, TX, in March 2014, in search of barbeque electronics enthusiasts, and the time has come! Starting Monday, March 3, various contingents of SparkFunions will be bringing our enthusiasm and expertise in hands-on…

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SparkFun Live: Coin-operated Insult Generator

Are your days long on confidence and short on insults? Do you find that your morale is just too high? Well we’ve got the solution to your self-assurance problem: Join us on Tuesday, March 11, at 3:00 p.m. MT for the next edition of SparkFun Live, where engineer Mike Hord will help you build…

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Chattanooga Public Library 4th Floor and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Studio

One of the things SparkFun’s Department of Education is most interested in is the changing role of libraries in the face of constantly-accelerating technology. We believe libraries hold a unique position as the trusted disseminators of democratized information, and they have the capacity - in…

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New Product Friday: Brick Time

Woohoo, it’s Friday! Around here that means it’s time to talk about new products. We have some pretty cool stuff this week, as well as another Robotics 101 video, so let’s get to it. In our next installment of Robotics 101, the tables have flipped, kinda. Gregg, who’s usually…

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Enginursday: Adventures in Building My Own Workbench

I wouldn’t call woodworking my forte by any stretch of the imagination. But, like any good DIYer, I felt the need to try it (at least once). When I moved to Boulder back in August, I did not take much furniture with me. I had a basic (read: cheap) desk that I used for many years prior to my…

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AVC 2014: Bots, Copters, and Red Balloons of Death

AVC is back and we’ve made some improvements to everyone’s favorite robotic challenge. If you’re not familiar with AVC (or Autonomous Vehicle Competition), it’s SparkFun’s yearly competition where we let you put your autonomous creation through its paces. This…

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Check out the LIDAR-Lite Distance Sensor

When you’re building a robot, quadcopter or other project and object avoidance or distance sensing is imperative to your success, finding the right sensor can be a bit tricky. Today, we want to share a brilliant new sensor from the folks over at Pulsed Light - the LIDAR-Lite. The LIDAR-Lite is…

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February Caption Contest winner!

The votes are in and our resident Olympic Caption Contest judges can take a day off. Congratulations, asciirory! You’re the gold medalist of captioners. The ReelMaster 9000 Telepathic Popcorn Generator gets its first alpha test with disappointing results… $100 in SparkFun credit is headed…

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New Product Friday: The Keypad to my Heart

Happy Valentine’s day SparkFunions! As always, we have a few new products for you this week. In addition, I’ve created world’s worst t-shirt for the product video. You might want to check it out. Be prepared to cringe. Apparently we really like Valentine’s day around here. I…

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Enginursday: Time-lapse with the Raspberry Pi Pt. 2

In my previous Enginursday post, I was just getting my feet wet using the Raspberry Pi as a time-lapse camera for my aquaponics system. After trying out different settings, different enclosures, and using both the standard Raspberry Pi Camera Module with the Pi NoIR Camera Module, I’m here to…

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GoldieBlox vs. Beastie Boys

This is an excerpt from a post by SparkFun Director of Education Lindsay Levkoff. To read the full article, head to SparkFun’s education page. GoldieBlox vs. Beastie Boys GoldieBlox should be a total win for someone like me. I am a 32 year-old female with a doctorate in a scientific field. I…

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February Caption Contest

It’s time again for your monthly caption contest! The rules are simple: Leave your funniest clean caption in the comments section below. We reserve the right to delete captions that we deem inappropriate. We’re not too stingy, but try to keep it moderately PG-13. Captions submitted any other…

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ElectriCute - Elastolite Tattoo

In today’s episode of “ElectriCute,” Creative Technologist Nick and Techstyle Specialist Dia build an awesome light-up temporary tattoo made with an Elastolite Panel. If you’re looking to start working with Elastolite - our flexible, waterproof EL material - this is a great…

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Recent Blog Comments

kirby g / 4 hours ago 1

What model quadcopter is used in the video. Looks fairly durable for learning.

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Emcee Grady / 5 hours ago 2

It would probably read “One drone was extremely hurt in this video. RIP.”

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Wylly / 7 hours ago 1

“No drones were harmed during the filming of this ad”

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

Blacklab1 / 8 hours ago 1

You might want to share this idea with Consumer reports on packaging testing. I don’t know if they thought of dropping packaging from an AVC…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

NPoole / 11 hours ago 1

I’m afraid it’s rather more like NASCAR giving 5 teams a brand new engine a week before the race while everyone else got to go pick their…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

lcox / 15 hours ago 2

Definitely gives new meaning to the phrase “drop shipping”.

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

cypher543 / 16 hours ago 1

But no one even knows what the 3DR Rover platform can do (at least, I can’t find any mention of it on Google). It could be beyond what…

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

MattM. / 16 hours ago 1

You guys forgot a disclaimer “No drones were hurt in the making of this video.”

Re: Introducing the NERFCS Shipping System (Beta)

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