New SMD Parts

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Hi again. We've got some new ICs, connectors, and a couple fancy dev boards from Olimex.

This is the new alternative to MP3 decoding. The VS1000 is a super-slick IC from VLSI that decodes Ogg Vorbis encoded music files. It's open source so the price is cheaper! Way to go open source.

The MLX90609-N2 is a single axis gyroscope from Melexis, 75 degree/s max rate. So what? It's got a super smooth digital interface and was designed for dead reckoning applications! We're spinning the breakout as quickly as we can.

If soldering tight pitch iPod connectors scares you, this breakout board will help! PodBreakout brings all 30 pins of the iPod connector out to nice 0.1" spaced holes.

8-pin SMD connector for the 5Hz GPS receiver!

Now for the big guns. This is a large development board for the STR730 ARM7 with optoisolated inputs, relays, CAN bus, LCD, and a kitchen sink.

Olimex has done it again! Another great little eval board for the MSP430FG4619 microcontroller. Board features a color LCD, triple axis MMA7260Q Accelerometer, SD card socket, and a joystick button.

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