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So many new things

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So many new things to post - my head hurts!

We've started carrying the PICAXE line of microcontroller development tools. We find this innovative company to be creative in their approach to programming, along with some great supporting datasheets! If you're looking for a way to get started with microcontrollers, PICAXE is a simple and affordable way to get your feet wet!

To facilitate this new line, we've added new categories!
PICAXE Microcontrollers
Development Tools

New boards and the new 14 pin PICAXE controllers should be arriving soon!

Near and dear to my heart is the USB Weather Board. This board uses an ATmega8 to connect an SCP1000 barometric pressure sensor, an SHT15 humidity sensor, and an FT232RL USB IC to give you simple, serial based weather conditions. You can even hook up a solar cell and BlueSMiRF and get wireless weather!

Anybody who's somebody needs a green laser.

This is a highly sensitive compass with on board accelerometer. What do you get? A compass that isn't affected by tilt! Perfect for your next submarine.

Basic 125kHz RF ID Tag. Perfect for your next 'shopping cart' project.

New ARM-JTAG from KrisTech. This powerful debugger works with the OpenOCD project!

New FAT Category! We now carry the ALFATxp product from GHI Electronics. This powerful firmware enables an LPC2148 to act as a USB mass storage device, controls the FAT16/32 routines on SD media, and even runs Java code.

We've added a few items to the Ding/Dent category.

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