February Caption Contest

It's that time again - let's win some prizes!

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Well it's a new month, and based on the Post-It note on my computer monitor, I am legally and morally obligated to do a caption contest. So here it goes. First off, the rules:

  • Leave your best caption to the picture below in the comments. Do not submit them any other way (this means email, the feedback form, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or otherwise). Leaving a comment is the only way to enter. Seriously.
  • We'll choose the best caption based on a logarithm developed over years of research, development, and sneaking into campus buildings to perform complex mathematical proofs (AKA our own weird senses of humor).
  • We will accept entries until 4 p.m. Mountain Time on Friday, February 8th.
  • We will announce the winner on Monday, February 11th, 2013.

Alright, here's the picture:

alt text

For a little background, that's Lucky, production employee Mike's dog. He, too, likes to live dangerously. The prize this go around is one of the new FabFM Kits.

alt text

This kit is a pretty slick little design. It is a fully-functioning DIY FM radio that is outfitted with a nice wooden laser cut enclosure that snaps together sans glue. It's an awesome piece of geeky desk flair.

Alright, that's it and that's all. Get captioning!

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