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New Product Friday: Shaking Things Up

It's New Product Friday and we've got some new cool stuff for you.

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Before we get started on today's homepage post, we want to provide an update about the SparkFun National Tour.



It was originally stated that a tour stop would cost $2,500 - this includes all the hardware, support materials, and a full-day of training. However, after a bit of discussion, SparkFun has made the commitment to subsidize the cost for the first 50 stops - bringing the per stop price down to $1,500.

This is truly on a first-come, first-served basis so sign up your location today! After the first 50 stops are booked, the price will bump back up. We hope this makes it a bit easier to bring the wonderful world of electronics into your classroom, library, or hackerspace! Now on to the product post:

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Product Post. As always, we've got some new stuff this week, so check out the video and check out the new products.



Vimeo version can be found here.

The Uncertain 7-Cube is delightful and annoying at the same time. It's just unsatisfying to ask it a question and get such a worthless answer. But that's why I love it so much. We are currently working on a tutorial and will have something in the next week or so. I'll post it in an upcoming new product post, so stay tuned.

As I mentioned in the video, we actually used a single Lumapad for lighting this week. It's a pretty cool Kickstarter from our customer, Richard Haberkern. This is the first product I've seen using the Electric Imp, which is neat to see. Speaking of seeing, I'm still seeing spots; that thing is bright.

alt text

The Wake-on-Shake is a cool little board that makes motion-activated projects really easy. Shake the board and it will turn on whatever is connected to it. You can set the sensitivity, the time it remains 'active', and even shut it down once your code finished running.

alt text

Have a Raspberry Pi and want to get into robotics? The RaspiRobot might interest you. The RaspiRobot kit is an expansion board for the Pi that turns it into a robot controller. Once you get done soldering it together, just attach it to your Pi and use the Python library to start making your robot move around.

alt text

We've seen a lot of our red boxes used as storage and makeshift enclosures. The SparkFun Parts Box is the same size as our most popular box (5"x4"x1.25"), but it's paper-laminated cardboard and has a magnetic flap to keep it closed. It's a bit thicker and sturdier than our normal ones. Plus, it's got freakin' magnets embedded in it.

alt text

Like purple boxes? We've got that box I just talked about in purple, and it's bigger too! The LilyPad Parts Box is 9"x4"x1.5" and has a bit more style to it. Use it for storing all your e-textile stuff.

alt text

We got a shipment of these 12V fans and can't send them back, so we're offering them for sale for a limited time. They are the same as our 5V version, but operate at 12V instead.

alt text

We're building the new IOIO OTG and have a lot of leftover PICs from the older version. This PIC24FJ256DA206 is a 16-bit flash microcontroller with an embedded graphics controller and USB On-The-Go (OTG) capabilities. Get them while they last.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week. As always, we'll have new stuff for you to check out. See you then!

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  • Wow what timing!

    I am just finishing up the design of my SparkFun Box holder. I am going to introduce this product in about 2 weeks, http://www.jassper.com/images/sfboxh.jpg This little gem will be perfect to hold these nice(er) boxes. If your interested shoot me a message and I will be sure to notify you as soon as they are ready! jassper@jassper.com (put sfbox in the subject line)

    • That thing. That thing is clever.

      • Thanks! I've been using those little red boxes to store stuff in for along time. When I need a part it is always in the box on the bottom, so I came up with a way I can get to the box I need. ;)

        • If you ever get a left over scale RC car and have one of those over sized boxes, try putting the SFE boxes in there. Me being lazy and all, I just throw them all in there and they fit quite nicely. Although, I'm almost out of space, I think I have about 25 boxes within that one box. yay for hoarding SFE boxes!

  • Did the horse go to the glue factory? or get an offer it couldn't refuse?

  • I wonder if sparkfun can post the design file of the uncertain 7 box, just the plastic box. The interlocking teeth of the box sides are really neat. I don't have enough 3-D power in my brain to draw one up myself but would appreciate to see how it's drawn.

    • email us at techsupport @ sparkfun . com and we should be able to email you the files.

  • Ahh! The in-a-box perspective is back - that's what I was missing! It is so much cosier this way. :)

  • C'mon, Sparkfun, why will you keep us waiting for that 7 cube?

  • Wouldn't that be a 6 cube?

  • it would be brilliant if you could sell the parts for the uncertian 7 cube as a kit

  • Cool stuff. Question: do you guys have to set those boxes up every week or is it a permanent fixture?

    • it's semi-permanent. they're all held up by thumb-tacks. but they're constantly setup every week.

      • You should take a picture of the walls and blow them up poster size. That'll save time... and thumbs!

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