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We will be closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day.

Looks like some SFE fans found this device before we could even get it noted on the home page! This is an original 24-bit color LCD from Sharp. Does it look familiar? It's the same LCD that goes into the PlayStation Portable (PSP)! So snazzy - we can't wait to get one lit up. We've also got the connector available for it.

Here's a neat little component. This is the TEMT6000 ambient light sensor. This sensor detects light levels in the surrounding environment. A simple but effective way to interact with your next project.

We've posted the 150 and 300 degree per second MLX90609 gyros. We've got the breakout board complete and tested - waiting on PCBs and production. Should be available soon. These gyros are very sensitive and have a great rock-solid digital output!

Here's another component that we should have stocked years ago. This is a PTC, also known as a resettable fuse. This little guy can help protect your project by tripping into a safe, current limited state if too much current rushes into your circuit. Pretty handy for battery powered projects.

The final shipment of PICAXE parts have arrived! We now stock the 28, 40, and the new 14 pin PICAXE micros as well as the supporting project boards.

This is a giant 9" quad band cellular antenna. Great for those AVL applications that need good reception in poor cell areas.

As always - checkout the Ding/Dent category. We've got some End-Of-Life products deeply discount for your general hacking amusement.

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