Buttons, Clocks, and PSoCs

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So much new fun!

This is a ScreenKey - a programmable button that can display any graphic with a backlight that is itself configurable to be a handful of different colors. We have both RGB and RG versions. So cool.

  Gainer.cc is a wonderfully simple board based on the Cypress PSoC CY8C29466. What makes this board so great is the pre-loaded bootloader developed by the Japanese based consortium named Gainer. Gainer allows you to program in Flash, Max/MSP, and even Processing!

Yes, that is an oscilloscope displaying an analog clock. This new kit based on an AVR by Dutchtronix allows the user to control the inputs of an analog oscilloscope to display a full analog clock. I love my job.

We now carry a range of Bluetooth? devices from Roving Networks. These Bluetooth? products are fully FCC certified with some great built in features that set them apart. The basic AT command set that you would expect, plus some data acquisition services that make these modules truly powerful.

BlueSentry is a wireless data acquisition board from Roving Networks. Using a Bluetooth? module on the back, this board is able to transmit up to 8 channels of 16-bit ADC over 330ft! Simple to use and very flexible, this is a wonderfully unique product.

  A small, low-cost, full color CSTN LCD is a great display for your next portable project.

And for those of you who need a bit more umph, this 3.5" TFT LCD may be just what you're looking for. 320x240 full color pixels and an LED backlight is a great addition to the LCD line.

Lastly, we polished a new datasheet template and posted the datasheet for the Spartan 3E development board. Now we just need to get production to build more!

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