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December Caption Contest winner!

Christmas isn't over yet.

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Welcome back, we hope your holidays were high in both merritude and brightness! You guys remember long ago last week when we posted a caption contest? Well the votes are in and Christmas isn't over for one of you, so let's all raise a paper cup of leftover, room temperature holiday party champagne and cheers our final winner of 2013: Member #473378!

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New product Friday: Acid

Good one, inscrutable Member #473378! $100 in SparkFun credit is heading your way! Thanks to everyone who entered - we love you all - and stay tuned for a whole heap of weird new caption contest offerings in the new year!

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  • So I just played a mini version of SFE Space Invaders. Never know what to expect when I visit.

  • The winning caption was "New product friday: acid" and instead of giving me $100 credit, how about putting two scrap boards in the next 200 orders? Maybe some peoples wifes will get fancy earings. Christmas is about giving after all isnt it?

    • I just checked and you don't have enough scrap boards. Ok. Send me one Raspberry pi model b to give to my brother in law, then put two scrap boards in every order til you run out, then just put a pro mini in the next few orders until the $100 is used up. P.S. You guys are awesome!!! (And gals!!!)

      • Sorry - we don't really have a way to do that in our system. But...feel free to use your gift credit to spread SparkFun holiday cheer however you see fit!

  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Production Floor

  • I see snowflakes. is there a glitch in the matrix?

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