Killer Robots!

Watch killer robots duke it out live!

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Have you ever wanted to watch robots locked in a box fight to the death? Well, you’re in luck, because the USATL is making that happen. There have been a few Battlebot/Robot Wars-style competitions, but the USATL is the only one currently fighting the heavyweights. You can catch a live stream of the event on the RobotRevo channel. The event is running May 4th-6th, so tune in and watch robots from one to 220lbs duke it out.

While you are watching, look out for some of that SparkFun red – I brought my own bot to try my luck. Building robots for good is rewarding, but there is something special in building something you genuinely fear.

alt text

That’s the look of pure terror

Before we boxed it up and sent it to sunny Miami, we had to let it teethe. We found some scrap material and a dead robot. Take a look at how it was made, and how well it chews plastic.

Wish us and all the other teams good luck and Kick Bot!

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