Retrosparktive #4 - Time for some new digs.

Things are about to change forever for SparkFun!

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Today is the final post for our SparkFun Retrosparktive series! If you missed out on the previous posts, you can check them out here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Before we dive into the Retrosparktive, let’s talk sales! This is your final week to use the promo code RETROSPARK - which is good for $10 off orders over $40. It expires 8/31/14 at 11:59:59 p.m. MT. So use it while you can!

Here are this week’s sale items:

alt text

Generic Servo - Sub-Micro Size

alt text

Vibration Motor

alt text

12V Vacuum Pump

alt text

Stepper Motor -

alt text

Stepper Motor - 125

alt text

Generic High Torque Servo

alt text

Rover 5 Robot Platform

alt text

T'Rex Robot/Motor Controller Board

alt text

100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

alt text

EasyVR Shield 2.0 for Voice Recognition

alt text

Frequency Generator Kit

alt text

50W Variable Temp Soldering iron

alt text

Bitalino Biomedical Development Kit

alt text

Weather Meters

Well, that’s a pretty healthy dose of products - hope you find something you need! Now on to the Retrosparktive!

If you haven’t heard already, in about a week, SparkFun will be moving to new headquarters a couple miles north of our current location. This move is a huge step in our company history and we’re pretty darn excited.

alt text

A view as the building started to really take shape.

We officially broke ground on the new building in May of 2013 (although the behind-the-scenes process to get the ball rolling started much, much earlier). SparkFun’s new office building is 80,000 square feet of geek-fueled glory sitting on 4.3 acres of land.

alt text

In designing the new building, we worked closely with the architects to create a space that will be utilitarian for SparkFun’s business-y needs, but also foster community and interaction between SparkFun employees with things like a larger exercise space (with a climbing wall!), a single break room (instead of the multiple separate ones we have now) and an open design between departments.

alt text

The new building has a bunch of other cool features like a rooftop deck, solar panels galore (and a general focus on being green), and plenty of room to grow!

We’re very excited about the move, but it might disrupt some things over the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep everyone informed of anything that might affect orders and look for a post with pictures of the finished space in the next few weeks once we get settled!

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  • Like most of my friends, I know in about a week you’re going to ask me if I can come help you move, and you’ll offer a handsome reward of pizza and beer. And I will totally be there to help!

  • Stepper motors but no stepper drivers on sale… that’s just dirty…

  • So… if I come to pick up an order, do I get to climb on the climbing wall?

  • Great! Precisely today, when I could get the money in my account (because, you know, banks are closed on weekends over here) for purchasing some motors, the sale is over…

  • Wow, guys! I was talking to your founder when you were still operating out of his basement! What a hoot. I am so glad for you guys. You guys are having a blast and making things a blast for us as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi, Congrats on the new phase of the company. Keep the extraordinary work! Thank you all. (from Portugal/Europe)

  • Wow, what a great space!

  • My question is how long do you expect to be “out of commission” because of the move? It would seem to me that you’ll have to, at some point, stop filling & shipping orders from the old location, move all of the order fullfillment & shipping stuff to the new digs (and get it all sorted out), before starting to fill & ship orders from the new location. It might help me to have some idea of when & how long to expect you to be “off the air”. (I’m working on something that has a “drop dead” date of Sept. 29, but I should have everything I need before then.)

    • Right now, Customer Service and Tech Support will not be available on Friday September 5 and Monday September 8, although we will still be shipping orders normally on those days.

      We will not be shipping orders out on September 12 and September 15, although Customer Service and Tech Support will be fully working on those days. That’s the plan…for now.

  • Of course, i ordered my weather meter one week before the reduction ^^

  • Aww man, I just ordered my weather meter last night.

    • I feel your pain. I ordered mine one week too early, apparently. Stupid linear time…

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