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The Move Is On!

Please hang with us as we get settled in at our new digs.

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So it's official - we're in the new building! Well...it's sort of official. Half of the company has moved to the new building while the other half will be moving this week. As such, SparkFun customer service and technical support will be out of operations today (Monday, Sept. 8th) but will be back in full-swing tomorrow. However, all orders will be shipping normally - and local pickup will be available at our old building until Sept. 12th.

alt text

So shiny...so new!

Things might be a little hectic in general around here until we get fully-settled. You never realize how much "stuff" you have until you try to move it all! Thanks for hanging with us while we complete our move!

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  • How much the building cost?

    • The whole project was somewhere north of $8.5 million. There's considerable detail in Nate's How to Build a Building blog post from May of 2013. There will undoubtedly be some follow-up with more current details in the near future.

  • The outside of the new building is kind of boring! I hope you spark it up a bit!

    • We'll make up for it on the inside. Trust me.

    • Holding back sobs JL! Some of our more crazy ideas proved to be either too expensive or not-in-line with either the local county codes or with whatever the light-industrial version of an HOA is. Even as a business you gotta make nice with the neighbors. So this is what we get. Rest assured, we've still got some plans to "spark" things up a bit. Stay tuned.

  • It would be cool if you guys made a "virtual tour" of the new digs. That way the people that can't make it for a tour can do it online.

  • Congratulations!! The building looks great!! May God bless your new location and all of you!!

  • What is going to happen to the Autonomous Vehicle Challenge? Does the new facility have space to accommodate it?

  • White walls with a red stripe on the end.

    Enjoy your new "L-Series" building!

  • I live in the Phoenix area -- I'd ordered the weather instruments on the "moving sale", and haven't had time to get them up & running. In case you hadn't heard, Phoenix has already set a new all-time record for one day rainfall, and we might get more rain this afternoon. My yard looks like a rice paddy -- and I'm scheduled to get irrigation tomorrow morning!

    Anyway, congrats on the new building!

  • Congrats! Need to add some giant Sparkfun logos painted on the outside :)

    • I'm on it, DC! Stay tuned.

    • I'm surprised they didn't paint the building red to match the boxes!

      • We tried. The county wasn't too keen on our original color choice.

        • You need to do some "Projection Mapping" .. Might only help at night, but it would be cool.. and updatable..

          (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSxG6SqR0lE)

      • Yeah we did some mockups in all red and trust me, it was WAY too much. We all love the boxes but it's not a terrific look for an entire structure. Also, Boulder county wasn't a fan.

        • Hmmm... "not a terrific look for an entire structure"... I recall seeing a LOT of structures that are both big and red. Why do farmers paint their barns red? Because red is the least expensive paint color. Why is red the least expensive paint color? Because so many farmers paint their barns red.

          • Originally it was because farmers made their own barn paint out of rust and milk, both of which were easy to come by on a farm.

      • I'm surprised that the building isn't just a giant version of one of their boxes!

  • I don't like the paint colour, can you change it ?

  • Where is the dog park?

  • For those curious like me, The large sign sign out front reads: " NO FOOd DrinKS SmoKing " (I thought smoking was sewing in the low res photo, hehe)

    and the sign in front of a 5 gallon white bucket: " ASH TRAY USE IT "

    Nice looking building too.

  • "stuff"

    I need to get some "stuff" moved out of my room, myself.

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