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New Product Friday: Prime Display

New products for your Raspberry Pi B+, and our very last New Product Post Video shot at our old building. :-(

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This week marks a turning point for the Friday New Product Posts. This will be our last video filmed at our old building. As of next week, we will be doing filming at the pretty new building. I've filmed over 180 product vides in that cramped little room. Maybe you remember the very first one? If you've been on a tour of the building you might have seen the room. It's tucked away in the back of the building and it's really tiny. It will not be missed. Here's the final video of me in that room.



alt text

Need a display for your Raspberry Pi? We have two new products this week that act as primary display modules for your Pi. Unlike a shield or other displays, this display acts like a primary display, like one you would plug into the HDMI or composite video jack (like a standard monitor). This allows you to create a truly embedded Pi easily. We have them in a 3.2" and a 3.5" size.

alt text

Clean up that rat's nest of wires with terminal blocks. You've most likely seen these or used them before. A wire goes in on one side and another connects on the opposite side. You can use bare wire, ring terminals or spade connectors. We have them in 3 sizes, a 3 position, 6 position, and 12 position.

alt text

The old Raspberry Pi used a 26 pin connector for all the GPIO, but the new B+ uses a 40 pin connector. We have a new ribbon cable for use with the B+'s 40 pin header. The cable is 6" long, grey and has metal in it for conducting electicity.

alt text

We have a simple PCB breakout for a 1/4" TRS audio jack. What is TRS? That means tip, ring, sleeve. This refers to the various contacts on the end of the plug that goes into the jack. This breakout can be mounted in a breadboard or secured with screws using the two mounting holes.

alt text

Lastly, we have some microswtiches. These are designed to work with the Actobotics products, but you could use them for whatever you want, we can't tell you what to do. They come in 2 packs, and can be used with the microswitch mounts.

That's all for this week. We will be back again next week for more new products. Thanks for reading and watching and see you next week.

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  • Inserting a double length header and plugging it into a breadboard? Most breadboards would short out the odd and even pins on the connector as they are designed for .300" PDIP parts. Perhaps a PCB is in order to allow the header to be properly broke out on a breadboard.

    • oh, wow. you are right, what was I thinking. sorry, per-occupied with the move and such.

  • Just because I'm lazy...can someone point what would be the difference between these screens and similar ones sold by Adafruit? They seem to be pretty similar except when it comes to the price.

    • which adafruit one are you looking at? I might be able to help. they have some that are similar, but there are a few small differences.

      • Primarily this one: PiTFT - Assembled 480x320 3.5" TFT+Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi PRODUCT ID: 2097

        (which is new, even though I thought they had 3.2in one as well which is what I'm currently looking for (they 2.8 but that's just too small).

        • Ah, yeah. Honestly, they look very similar, but Adafruit doesn't have many real specs on it, so it's hard to tell if there are some hardware differences. At first glance, they seem pretty similar. All I can say for the price difference is 4D tends to use high quality LCDs and they tend to look better than the generic stuff.

          EDIT: I've love to see the back of theirs to see what's on there, there appears to be a blue wire running along the bottom? Also, they don't have stock yet on them it seems.

  • You know, if you guys want to get that 4D systems kernel module working on say, Arch Linux ARM, we can make that happen if you just reach out :)

  • Where is the source code for the RasPi display module driver?

  • And I always thought that TRS stood for "Tandy Radio Shack" (aka TRaSh).

  • Wow, hard to believe that we have over 3 1/2 years of new product videos. Keep up the good work in the new building! Thanks, from a long time "SparkFan"!

  • Rob should shave his beard and grow a new one for the new building!

  • Is the PCB breakout board for the 1/4" TRS audio jack universal? If I remember correctly, there are several different types of 1/4" audio jacks; will only a specific type work with this breakout board?

  • "and has metal in it for conducting electricity." So the previous cable didn't have any metal in it????? :-)

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