New Product Friday: Reed Between the Lines

Products, demos, you know the drill.

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Hello again! Welcome to the day of the week where we talk about our new products. Thanks for joining us. We like to begin with a video, then a list of what's new, and close it out. Let's get started.

The door switches are pretty cool. Heck, the muscle sensors are pretty cool too. Come to think of it, nearly every product on our site is at least a little bit cool.

Muscle Sensor v3

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We're now selling the Muscle Sensor v3 on its own. The previous version came with the sensor cable and pads, and was a bit pricier. Buying the board by itself gives you the flexibility of either finding your own pads, using the pads you already own (you bought one of the heart rate monitors right?) or just having an extra because you're cool like that.

Magnetic Door Switch Set

Magnetic Door Switch Set


I'm not saying these door switches would be a perfect companion to our car horns, but I'm not NOT saying that either. These switches are simply reed switches and magnet combos in neat little packages. They make it easy to implement a contact-less switch on two moving surfaces (like a door, window, cardboard box, etc). If only we had these when making the Oh Fudge!. Classic Rob. Here's a quick demo of the door switches in action:

That is all for this week. If you didn't see the post earlier this week, registration for AVC2015 is now open!

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  • Member #121642 / about 9 years ago / 1

    The bug in the Sparkfun sign is killing my OCD! It's all I can see now when I watch the New Product posts, lol.

    • Member #426233 / about 9 years ago / 1

      Me too! I have to watch the video twice because the first time all I do is watch to see if the sign is fixed!

  • So I'm curious as to a design feature on the Muscle board. Why no mounting holes? Yes, I suppose it could be double stuck tape mounted; but with a jack that needs a mechanical push of the plug to insert it, why not something a bit more robust for mounting?

    EDIT: Duh.. nevermind... its not a Sparkfun designed board!

    And for folks keeping score, this week the last LED of the Sparkfun sign was seen to misfire on both the white and red cycle. :)

  • Dragon88 / about 9 years ago / 1

    It's been slow for new products the past couple months. Not just at Sparkfun, but at my other favorite vendors as well. I hope you guys have some exciting stuff coming up soon!

    • you know, it's kinda random. Everything ships at different speeds, so sometimes it's a flood of new stuff, and other times, there's just not much. We got some cool stuff next week though. But I always say that :-)

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