The 2015 Hackaday Prize

We're crazy honored to be included in any competition where the winner gets to save the world AND go to space.

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Have you been sitting on The Idea that could save the world, but don't know who to tell? Well first, you should really tell someone, and second, now you have no excuse because we're happy to announce our part in the 2015 Hackaday Prize competition! The contest, which encourages creative ideas with the potential to move humanity forward and solve real world problems, opens today and features some seriously awesome prizes for the winners (like a TRIP TO SPACE YOU GUYS). Ideas like low-power projects, water monitoring, automated gardening, solar vehicles or lighting, and low-cost sensors are all good examples of the type of projects the judges will be looking for, and this year, our very own Director of Engineering Pete Dokter is one of the judges! He briefly considered accepting bribes but that was before eating lunch, and before deciding against it for the betterment of mankind, Earth, etc.

Visit the Hackaday Prize website to read more or enter, or check out the video below for more information:


The Hackaday Prize 2015 from Hackaday on Vimeo.


Now go forth, and build something that matters.

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