New Product Friday: Flashback Friday!

It's been a really slow week for new products so let's take a look at a few revs and a few older parts from the catalog.

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Like it says above, we've had an incredibly slow week when it comes to new products. You told us how badly you wanted a traditional Product Post and we listened! We sat down, thought about it, and decided that everyone needs a good Product Post but with an old school spin. Therefore, we are pleased to bring you a Flashback Friday Product Post! Enjoy!

They may be oldies, but they are still goodies! The video was a slightly different take on our regular Friday Product Post but we hope you enjoyed it.

SparkFun UV Sensor Breakout - ML8511

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The first product in the video is the SparkFun UV Sensor Breakout. The MP8511 UV (ultraviolet) Sensor works by outputing an analog signal in relation to the amount of UV light that’s detected.

FlexiForce Pressure Sensor - 25lbs.

FlexiForce Pressure Sensor - 25lbs.


The second product in the video is the 25 lb Flexiforce Pressure Sensor. This cool flexible sensor can detect up to 25 pounds - the higher the pressure, the lower the sensor's resistance.

As we stated before there are a few revisions that came out this week so let's take a look at what we have.

LCD Button Shield V2

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First up is the LCD Button Shield V2. This shield attaches to your Arduino to provide a 16x2, black character, green back light LCD with a keypad consisting of 5 keys — select, up, right, down and left. You will be able to move through menus and make selections straight from one board without requiring a massive tower of shields. With this revision you will no longer be restrained to only 5 inputs, now you have the ability to make use of 32 different button combinations!

SparkFun Audio Bluetooth Breakout - RN-52

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The RN-52 Bluetooth from Roving Networks is an audio module that makes it simple for you to create a hands free audio system for your car or remote control your media center. With this breakout board we've made it easy for you to drop it into any project you'd like. The fix for this board comes in the way of correcting a silkscreen error that mislabeled PCM ports on this breakout.

LED Mixed Bag - 10mm

LED Mixed Bag - 10mm


Last up this Friday is the new LED Mixed Bag. The LED Mixed Bag contains one each of our 10mm LEDs. This is a great way to sample each one and decide what your project really needs. This bag of LED goodness used to contain a single CR2032 battery to test each LED. As you can read from one of our previous blog posts, shipping some batteries can be a pain in the batt, so we just removed it to make this mix bag easier to order and faster to ship! Never fear, a CR2032 battery can still be purchased separately.

That's all for this week. Rob and his beard will be back next Friday to sate your new product needs. We'll see you then!

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  • DemolishManta / about 9 years ago / 2

    While the product specialists are an okay temporary substitution, neither one is as hot as "the bearded one". ;)

    • Relative statement. +1 for Sarah. Shawn and Sarah are kind of like Grant, Carie and Tory from the myth busters, as "the bearded one" is to Jamie and Adam.

    • Backyard Pilot / about 9 years ago / 1

      Okay, Rob should be officially referred to as "The Bearded One" from now on. :)

  • nanogear / about 9 years ago / 2

    Enjoyed so much the video today!!

  • Member #360676 / about 9 years ago / 1

    laughing at my desk from the video. nice work.

  • Member #269405 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Hi Shawn, Love the black desk lamp. Could you please tell me the brand of the lamp?

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