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ElectriCute - Wake On Shake

Check out the ElectriCute team's latest, most disconcerting project!

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In our latest installment of ElectriCute, Dia reanimates a particularly large insect mount using our Wake on Shake board, a vibration motor and an Arduino, and we run into a bit of a Nic(k)s-up.

This project would be great for a haunted house, or for anyone looking to build some serious character in their kids. As always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them below, and we'll see you next time!

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  • Fun project, and I love the DMNS. I was just there last weekend (getting married!), and I remember thinking, this is a good museum, but what it really needs is more displays with the ability to terrify the disrespectful!

  • Was it just me or was that last bit about the museum oddly specific (sinister musical interlude)

  • It builds character, Calvin.

  • I always thought Dia kept her hands flat on the table to avoid hand-talking. Now, I realize she was holding on for dear life, to avoid falling from a box. Kudos for keeping a spare Nic around for just such an emergency.

    • Sadly we don't keep a spare Dia around, she is one of a kind =P (Which means we would all be very sad if she fell off her huge box).

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