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The Hackaday Prize Contest is ending soon!

Your window to save the world is closing.

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In March we announced the opening of one of the coolest contests we know of: The Hackaday Prize. The contest encourages creative ideas with the potential to move humanity forward and solve real-world problems, with the incentive of some seriously awesome prizes for the winners. Ideas like low-power projects, water monitoring, automated gardening, solar vehicles or lighting, and low-cost sensors are all good examples of the type of projects the judges will be looking for – including our very own Pete Dokter.


The Hackaday Prize 2015 from Hackaday on Vimeo.


The contest closes on August 17, which is only 25 days away, so if you want to be in the running for some amazing prizes and the title of world problem-fixer, the time to get in there is NOW! Currently, your odds of winning the Best Product option ($100,000, six months free rent in Hackaday's Design Lab, and mentoring) are insanely good – 1 in 54 as of today. So get on it!

Additionally, if you're working on your project and you need a little advice, Hackaday is hosting weekly collaboratoriums to answer any questions you may have (we're even lending them Pete for the meetups).

You can learn more about the contest or enter your project here. We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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