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Friday Product Post: Good Reception

A new ANTenna from Great Scott Gadgets, a new book, and new organization receptacle!

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Friday Product Post! It has been an exciting week for us, and we have plenty of great new products for you to check out. This week we have a brand-new SMA antenna from Great Scott Gadgets built for the HackRF, a new book that introduces you to Eagle, and a new adjustable parts box. New, new, new!

Look! An elusive Nick has appeared!

Telescopic Antenna SMA - 300 MHz to 1.1 GHz (ANT700)

Telescopic Antenna SMA - 300 MHz to 1.1 GHz (ANT700)


The ANT700 is a telescopic antenna designed for operation from 300MHz to 1.1GHz with a total length that is configurable from 9.5cm to 24.5cm. Each ANT700 is constructed of stainless steel and features an SMA male connector, rotating shaft and adjustable elbow.

Adjustable Parts Box

Adjustable Parts Box


This is a small, adjustable parts box for components, breakouts and development boards. The box is made from a clear polypropylene with reliable locking tabs, making it incredibly durable and water-resistant. The best part about this little box is the six included dividers that can modify the inside of the container, providing you with compartments as small as 10mm x 40mm.

Make Your Own PCBs with Eagle

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Learn how to make double-sided, professional-quality PCBs from the ground up using Eagle – the powerful, flexible design software. In this step-by-step guide, electronics guru Simon Monk leads you through the process of designing a schematic, transforming it into a PCB layout and submitting standard Gerber files to a manufacturing service to create your finished board.

Well, folks, that's it for this week. We hope you can find what you need to help you with your next project or maybe help you decide what to build. We are trying to get some stuff thrown together for an extra special product post next week, so be sure to check back next Friday. See you then!

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