Friday Product Post: Pi See What You Did There

Today we have a new Camera Kit powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero W, our first SparkFun original Raspberry Pi HAT, a Pan/Tilt Bracket, and a new Ambient Light Sensor Breakout!

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Hello, and welcome back to yet another Friday Product Post! We hope everyone had a great week, especially if you were able to take part in this year's Dumpster Dive on Wednesday! Now we have four brand-new products to show off, and you'll know exactly what you'll get.

Last week we brought you two new pyboards, but this week we are bringing you a new Pi board, a couple of kits and a new sensor breakout. We are happy to bring you our new wireless Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Kit, our first in-house Raspberry Pi HAT, a pan/tilt bracket kit and a breakout for the APDS-9301. Let's take a closer look!

Do you see what Pi see?

SparkFun Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Kit

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The SparkFun Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Kit provides you with a pan/tilt camera controlled via a Raspberry Pi Zero W. This kit consists of parts that are easy to assemble and program, expanding the Raspberry Pi Zero W's IoT capabilities and highly tailored accessibility to the Pi Camera Module. With the Zero W camera kit, you will be able to create homemade motion-activated security systems, webcam interfaces for streaming, or monitoring stations for any number of projects and adventures. After just a few steps you'll be set up in no time with your very own remote camera system!

SparkFun Pi Servo HAT

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The SparkFun Pi Servo HAT allows your Raspberry Pi to control up to 16 servo motors in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner via an I2C connection. Thanks to its I2C capabilities, this HAT saves the Raspberry Pi's GPIO, allowing you to use them for other purposes. Additionally, the Pi Servo HAT adds a serial terminal connection, which will allow you to bring up a Raspberry Pi without having to hook it up to a monitor and keyboard.

Pan/Tilt Bracket Kit (Single Attachment)

Pan/Tilt Bracket Kit (Single Attachment)


This is an easy-to-assemble pan/tilt bracket kit that utilizes servos to move on two axes fit for camera and helping-hand applications. Since this is a kit, some assembly will be required.

SparkFun Ambient Light Sensor Breakout - APDS-9301


Last up today is this tiny breakout. The APDS-9301 Ambient Light Sensor Breakout is an I2C-compatible luminosity sensor board that converts light intensity to a digital output signal. This breakout is fairly simple and has been specifically designed with only a few ancillary passive components, in addition to the ADPS-9301 IC itself. All readings are returned to your chosen microprocessor in lux, providing precise Illuminance measurement under diverse lighting conditions.

That's all for today, folks! We hope you can find plenty of great uses for all of these great new products. As always, we can't wait to see what you make with these parts! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you next week with a huge assortment of new products!

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