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New Arduino Mega, Atomic inertia measurement unit, coffee mug, solder, jumper wires, and mini-Bully posted.

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Webcast class tonight! SMD Soldering. We're hooking up our fancy new microscope so be sure to stop by our Ustream channel. We should be starting around 5PM MST.

Woot! It's finally here. Over 100pcs of the Arduino Mega. Don't forget to check out the datasheet!

We are very happy to announce the Atomic IMU. This very small, low-cost inertia measurement unit takes all we've learned about sensors and wireless and creates a package that is easy to use. Get 3 axis of gyroscope, 3 axis of acceleration and filter to your heart's desire.

Mmmm. Coffee.

New mini-Bully with the latest PIC25HJ64 IC. This is a very powerful 16-bit microcontroller with serious MIPS power and plenty of RAM (8K) and flash (32K).

Ask and receive. We now stock male to female jumper wires. Very handy for connecting a breadboard to an external board with headers installed.

We now offer some leaded and unleaded solder! If you're new to soldering, we really recommend that you start with leaded solder - it's easier to work with (flows better).

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  • Amazing stuff. Really like it. I am crazy about arduino mega. Recently i purchased arduino mega 3d printer. Thanks for sharing.

  • When I try to view the ATMega-video, I get a message from youtube saying the video is not available for my country.

  • Why is there a picture of a kalman filter for this news item?

  • A board with just the gyros & at a lower cost than buying 3 gyros separately would be ideal. Modern gyros don’t need corrections. Also, instead of those angled headers which always shake & break off in high vibration, mount them outside some kind of cube. Finally, a place in the cube to add weight to reduce vibration.

  • Hah! Nice new Arduino!

  • Holy Crap! For a second I thought the Arduino Mega was fake. Luckly, I like that song.

  • i got rolled

  • I love the new Arduino Mega ;)

  • BTW the link to the DataSheet rocks! LOL

  • I got one… Thanks Nathan. =)

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