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We're highly anticipated in a Computer World article.

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Chris in IT pointed out that the LilyPads by Leah Buechley were one of 25 highly anticipated "open-source releases". You've got to dig past an ad and turn to page six, but we're there!

Anticipated? But I thought we released them back in October of 2008? Ah, well. It's still awesome to get a hat tip from Computer World.

New opto-isolator board! I wanted to isolate the microcontroller from the servos on my rover. This is the board that came out of it. Opto-isolation is a great trick if you're worried about electromagnetic fly-back from turning motors messing with you sensitive analog to digital readings.

Speaking of rovers, checkout the press release for the competition next week. Please pass it along. We'd love to have as many people over as possible! Should be a fun day of activites and geek chat. We'll try to broadcast as much as possible on our UStream channel as well!

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