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Heated Earmuffs

These fashionable earmuffs have a hidden circuit inside that will keep you extra warm this winter.

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heated earmuffs

It's been an exceptionally cold winter across the country, and quite frankly, I am over it. To make the remaining winter days more comfortable for myself, I developed these Heated Earmuffs, a stylish winter accessory that stands out and keeps me extra warm!

This project features two 5cm x 10cm heating pads and 80 WS2812 LEDs (two rings of 16 and two rings of 24). To see how it works and even build your own, visit our full tutorial.

The earmuffs posed a unique design challenge as a wearable device because the parts require a decent amount of current. Because of this, the power source is kept off my head and instead placed in my pocket. The earmuffs connect to the power source via two soft and flexible silicone wires, giving the earmuffs a similar feel to headphones. A big thank you to Mary for helping with the circuit!

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These earmuffs go well beyond your average pair by keeping your ears toasty with heat. Through a good amount of wear, I can confirm that they generate a comfortable amount of heat that will effectively warm you up without burning your ears.

alt text

Not only are they functional, but they also offer a unique and striking visual effect. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas about the Heated Earmuffs in the comments below!

Interested in learning more about LEDs?

See our LED page for everything you need to know to start using these components in your project.

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  • Did you consider actually making these headphones as well? Otherwise I guess you would have to use earbuds ubder them.

    • I did consider it, but nothing I could build would match the sound quality of earbuds, which can definitely fit underneath each muff.

  • Thank you for this video; this is a really creative project!

  • Hi Feldi!

    I always enjoy seeing your projects, including this one, BUT

    "very cold winter all across the country"

    ??!!?? Methinks that statement's a bit too broad... Here in the Phoenix area, on Monday, we tied the record high for the day at 83F, which, coincidentally, had been first set 83 years ago. Yesterday we also tied the record from 1935, but it was only 82F. Maybe the next time Nate thinks it's time for expansion, he should think about moving diagonally across the "Four Corners"... ;-)

    • Haha that's fair! I am definitely speaking from the perspective of Boulder and my friends on the East Coast. Glad you guys are keeping warm in Phoenix!

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