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Where to begin? With the fun stuff of course!

The Lassen iQ FAT16 Datalogger is the latest widget from SFE. This little board will datalog all GPS data (longitude, latitude, speed, altitude, etc) up to 440 hours with a 256MB SD card using FAT16 format! Direct and automatic text file recording!

Best of all, you can open the data into Google Earth!

Here you can see Casey pausing at a light (the bundle of points) and what lane he was in... It's scary how accurate GPS is these days.

We have finally taken stock of the Arduino board! This physical computing platform is a nice segway between the PC interface and the real world. If you're looking for an easy way to get data from the outside world without having to program every aspect of a microcontroller, this is the board for you!

The GPIB to USB controller board has been revised. The new version can act both as a GPIB device and as a controller!

We are happy to annouce the new WiFi modules from DPAC (now known as Quatech).

There are many different modules, antennas, eval boards, and kits available. Checkout the Wireless / Modules category for more!

The LPC-H2103 and LPC-P2103 are now posted. Photos to follow shortly.

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