Wireless Gesture-Controlled Robot

Control a robot wirelessly with your hand using XBees, Arduino and an accelerometer.

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Have you ever wanted to control a robot using your hand instead of a typical handheld controller? Well, now is your chance to build one! You'll need to make a data glove using a glove, microcontroller and some sort of input. While you could have the glove tethered to the robot, it would not be able to move too far, so you'll want to add a pair of wireless modules for the controller and robot. The easiest method is using an XBee. Below is a tutorial with instructions to build your own wireless glove controller.

Wireless Glove Controller

April 24, 2019

Build a wireless glove controller with Arduinos to trigger an LED using XBees!

Once you have a data glove built, the next step is to have a robot that can receive the commands. Luckily, we released the Wireless RC Robot with Arduino and XBees tutorial using the SparkFun RedBot kit. Building upon the code, you would simply adjust the condition statements for the glove to control the robot based on gestures instead of your usual button and joystick configuration. For more information on controlling a robot using a data glove, check out the additional Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot tutorial.

Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot

April 25, 2019

Control the RedBot wirelessly based on the movement of your hand using an accelerometer, Arduino, and XBees!

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  • Kansukee / about 5 years ago / 3

    Now you just need to incorporate a whole body system for it and start breaking to control humanoid robots then you can just be your own crew.

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