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SparkFun Sale Revisited!

Don't forget - the SparkFun sale ends tomorrow!

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Last week, we posted about the SparkFun sale - a group of cool products we were putting on sale for one week. While this is going to start being a more regular occurrence, we want to remind you that the current sale ends tomorrow (Wednesday, June 30).

One of the sale items - the XBee Pro.

All the items (except for the PICA2.0 Robot Kit) still have stock left, so grab them while you can! And remember that there will always be some items listed in the Sale Category at discounted prices. Cheers!

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  • Another example of great customer service at SparkFun. Thank you very much!!!!!

  • We are honoring the sale prices for those items that were pulled off sale this morning. Place your order normally, then email customer service with your order number.
    This will be good for orders placed up until midnight tonight.

  • I was upset by this too!
    Planning to buy them today, just had to figure out how the payment would go... now it's gone. :(

  • In the future it would be helpful to define exactly when a sale ends. In most cases, a company will say that a sale ends on a specific date and that means at the end of business on that day not the beginning of that day. In your case, the sale ended on the 29th, not the 30th. Thanks.

    • Ditto.....

    • Ah, that is very unfortunate. I was thinking about picking up a couple xbees while they were on sale, and I figured I could buy them today. Oh well, I'm not in any rush, no particular projects I was going to use them for.

    • Yep, the wording wasn't correct. We will be very cautious of this in the future. Thanks for understanding!

  • Every time I visit Sparkfun I can not decide what to buy:)
    Thank you for your offer and help Sparkfun
    Friendly regards,

  • I love sales!!! :D The MP3 demcoder breakout board was a great buy, and should be great for voice prompts in my next project.

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