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E-Textiles: A New Category

We have added a new category to our product line - E-Textiles!

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Go ahead and sew something cool!

Last time we posted about e-textiles, we sparked a bit of debate about the merits of sewing electronics into one's clothing. Mistakenly, it seems, e-textiles are most often associated with simply adding a "bit o' the blinky" to your clothing. However, we really believe it is so much more. Love it or hate it, e-textiles are here to stay!

Conductive fabric - for all your sewing needs.

Reflecting this, we now have an entire category dedicated to e-textiles. It just makes sense as we are continually adding more products in this realm. We think e-textiles are great because it's just one more cool way for people to play around with electronics and turn out some amazing projects. We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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  • Uhg seems like conductive thread stocks out...gonna try to make something interesting for the holiday....

    • Check out the new product post today, we have a bunch of new fabrics. Also, we have the LilyPad bobbin in stock:<br />
      <br />

  • It's great stuff but would anyone know when some of the fundamental items like thread, sewing kit, etc are going to be in stock,.. for Christmas?

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