Valentine's Day For Geeks

Send a love song to your sweetheart.

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Ah yes, today is Valentine's Day and love is in the air. Sure you could send your snookums roses or chocolates, but that is so 2010. Instead, with the help of Tellart, send a love song across the internet for the whole world to see.

Tellart designed a bell music system where users can select a love song (or compose their own) and then watch it play in the Tellart offices. The system is composed of a series of bells that are connected to an Arduino. When a user zips a song over Tellart's webserver, the Arduino gets notified and sets off the solenoids to play the bells. The bells then chime the song (for example, "Unchained Melody" - a personal favorite of mine) while you watch it streaming live. Try it out for yourself - and happy Valentine's Day!

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  • Forever alone!

  • Bah! Humbug!

  • Note: the song in the video is not being played by the bell music system. The actual device plays much slower and sound quality is nowhere near that good because of all the clicking.

  • Outstanding medley -- not of just music but technology!

  • Anyone know the name of the song/melody played in the intro?

  • Roses are 0xf00
    violets are 0x00f
    All of my base
    are belong to you

  • In 8 Minutes, The Tellart staff will be serenaded with a nearly recognizable arrangement of "Today" By the Smashing Pumpkins for remote operated bell assembly.
    Update: They recognized it! I got a "Nice!" lol

  • That is awesome! I did a short melody from "Cars" by Gary Numan, and I could hear them laughing at it. Or maybe it was because I entered my "name" as "Dee-Jay Dubba-You".

  • Wow.
    The good: Great project.
    The bad: No way to save and/or send to loved one.
    Now I wasted my time composing for my own lonely soul.

  • I'm interested in adding external SRAM.
    Where can I find info on how to interface addressing lines to the main board and data lines for external SRAM?
    What is the maximum amount of external RAM the board can access?

    • Which board? The Arduino?
      I'm fairly certain that the ATMegaXX8s used in most Arduinos (not Arduino Megas) do not support XRAM.
      Not sure if the Arduino Megas wire out the required pins of the Mega2560 for XRAM support.

  • Awesome Job! I love seeing art mixed with the web and an arduino!

  • Ah, V-Day. the day of the Bitter Nerd and the Proud Geek.
    What a great project.

  • Got broke up with today... And all my SparkFun stuff is still at her house!

    • That has got to be the most heartless thing to do on St. Valentine's day... =/

    • Its Cruel getting dumped on v day (always wondered why woman due this its like they wait for a day like this or your birthday to dump you even though they have wanted to for a while...but anyways i digress) retrospect
      at least you now know for next year:
      Happy Girlfriend < $0-$100 Freeday Goodness
      (that is unless you have more than $0-$100 dollars worth of Sparkfun stuff at her house!)

  • I built a similar, though much less polished, robotic xylophone in college:

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