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Creating Your Own Terminator Arm

Our production artists are at it again...

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A while back (actually, quite a while back - in February of 2009), I made a homepage post about some of the amazing artwork the SparkFun production department churns out in their free time. Stuff like this:

This sculpture comes from SFE production artist Gerry.

Now-a-days, production has become much more efficient so there are fewer scrap boards laying around, but that hasn't stopped them from creating some pretty amazing stuff. Recently, production artist extraordinaire Tyler sat down to create another work of soldering art.

This was Tyler's inspiration.

Using some machine pin headers, a reed switch, and a host of other parts, Tyler was able to expertly recreate the famous arm from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The result was pretty darn cool:

Keep in mind that this sculpture is about 3-inches tall. Very cool work, Tyler. Check out his tutorial if you want to build you own!

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