New Product Friday: There is no Spoon

This week we're tackling mind control. Check out our list of new products.

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We're back, as always, with more new products for you. This week we just have a few, but one of them is mind control, so we've got that going for us. Be sure to check the video.



This really is the future, isn't it? Put something on your head, load an app on your phone, and see your brain waves. It's a great time to be alive.

alt text

The Neurosky Mindwave Mobile an EEG headset that safely measures and transfers the power spectrum (alpha waves, beta waves, etc.) data via Bluetooth to wirelessly communicate with your computer, iOS or Android device. We even have a cool hacking tutorial from one of our hackers-in-residence. It's a pretty cool way to play with brainwaves and such.

alt text

These long headers work well when you want to connect something in a breadboard. Because they're centered (the pins on both sides of the plastic strip are of equal length), they fit into a breadboard snugly, and leave you enough pin length to connect female headers. These also work well for connecting two female headers together, like servo cables and such. They come in 40-pin strips that are easily cut or snapped to length.

alt text

We have a new version of the RFM12. The new version, the RFM12BSP is slightly different, but ultimately has the same functionality as the previous module. These are great little transceivers for sending data back and forth. They're SMD, but can easily be used with 2mm pitch headers. They work similarly to the RFM22, which we have on a shield.

alt text

Lastly, we have another header. This is a 10-pin female SMD header with 0.1" spacing. We carry numerous other pin configurations of this, but didn't carry a 10-pin, so why not?

That's all I have for this week. I'll be back again next week with more new products, and the final Robotics 101 video (Tools - Part 2). Be sure to check back then and thanks for reading and watching!

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  • Now, are we absolutely sure he's not a member of the X-Men?

  • Ok, so I just glanced really quickly at the first couple of items but I have a quick question. Will my local medical provider implant the headers for the Neurosky? Also will it take all forty pins or less? Maybe I should clarify, by "medical provider" I mean chiropractor. Oh, one more question, does the Neurosky read only, or will it write too? I just ask because I have some pretty sweet kung-fu neural maps I'd like to have written.


  • you just have to realize there is no spoon.

    What is 'real?' How do you define 'real'? -Morpheus

  • Just an FYI, there is no actual link on the page for the Neurosky. I had to find it on the new section of the products page.

    • There should be links on the images - though there probably should have been one on the first mention of the product name as well :)

  • The Neurosky headset is pretty cool. An earlier version of he Neurosky electronics is what is in the Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer.

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