April Fool's Prank Contest Winners!

Here they are, the winners of our April Fool's prank contest!

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It's April Fool's Day! Today we're not going to try to convince you Pete built a time machine or sell you a magic blue smoke refilling kit. Rather, today is the day we announce the winners of the SparkFun April Fool's Day Prank Contest! If you missed the announcement - here are the general rules:



We received a lot of great entries for this contest - honestly, more than we expected. Sadly, we had to narrow the entries down to three winners. So without further ado, here are your winners (in order from third place to first place).



The third-place entry comes to you from SparkFun customer Eric Townsend. He built an "Arduino Scream Generator" and used it to scare the beejeezus out of some hapless victim. Congratulations Eric - you've won $100 in SparkFun bucks. We'll be emailing you shortly with your prize!



The second-place entry and winner of $200 in SparkFun credit comes via SFE customer Rhett Pimentel. It's appropriately named "Too Much Toilet Paper." While we can't see this project actually in action (cameras and bathrooms are generally a no-no), we love the idea behind it! Congrats Rhett!



And finally we have your winner! 11-year-old Riley used a linear actuator from an old printer, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, a clothespin, and the electronics from an annoying greeting card to build this candy vending machine with a surprise ending. Congratulations Riley - you're the winner of $300 in SparkFun bucks!

Thank you to everyone who submitted - check your email for a special April Fool's treat from us! If you recall, we will also select one project from the original announcement's comments and build it. We'll start sorting through those comments and build the project and let you know the winner in the coming weeks! Cheers and happy pranking!

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  • Congratulations to all! Riley's reaction at the success of his prank is the embodiment of what I think we all feel when a hack goes perfectly as planned. Great job!

  • Pretty awesome videos! Thanks Eric, Rhett and Riley! Made my day.

  • LightManCA / about 9 years ago / 2

    You all didn't prank us? I expected better :)

  • birojow / about 8 years ago / 1

    "...we will also select one project from the original announcement’s comments and build it..."

    This has already been done?

  • Member #485162 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Why would the magic blue smoke kit seem strange? I have had one for years! http://www.skylighter.com/smoke-chemicals-kit-blue.html

  • Member #389524 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Why do not you guys post other prank videos as well? Seems like there are lots of project out there :D

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