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Engineering Roundtable - ELastoLite Captain America Shield

Nick Poole shows us how to make a Captain America shield with ELastoLite!

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For this edition of Engineering Roundtable, Creative Technologist Nick Poole shows us how to make your own Captain America shield in time for the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" movie release this Friday.

alt text

Oooh, shieldy

Nick decided to take his shield to the next level and incorporate some of our ELastoLite panels so the star will light up. Check it out!



If you want to make your own shield, Nick has created a wishlist of parts here, and if you have questions, suggestions or your own ELastoLite project to share, let us know in the comments!

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  • I like it, and Captain America is cool and all, but come on, WE NEED IRON MAN GEAR!

  • About how long would that EL stay lit with that little inverter?

  • He's holding the shield upside-down. :-B

    Who says "pah-pee-ay mache?"

  • You sort of glossed over the decal (pardon the pun) -- what material did you use for it? Or did you get it somewhere ready-made? (I've been thinking about doing a "glowy badge" with my club's logo to wear at an upcoming convention.)

    • Yeah, sorry about that! It was actually a case of misbehaving CF cards losing our footage. The star is lit from behind with our ELastolite panels and masked in the front with spray paint. To make the star shaped window I just cut a star out of masking tape and used it as a paint mask.

      We've also had good results with vinyl stickers placed directly over the EL panel, check out this episode of ElectriCute for an example!

      • I'd seen that episode before, and that's what originally got me to thinking about the "glowy badge" idea. I'm not at all sure where to find the "adhesive vinyl" mentioned. The logo that I'm thinking of is fairly detailed, but I'm thinking I can probably print it and then maybe use an X-acto knife to cut a layer of vinyl (the way we used to do rubylith back in the 70s -- oops -- I'm showing my age!). The problem is knowing where to go to get the vinyl. Don't recall seeing it on either the SparkFun or the Adafruit website. Should I look at maybe Michael's? Or where?

        • Try your local sign shop as well. They may just give you scraps.

        • Micheal's is probably a good place to look for adhesive-backed vinyl, or big box home stores. Even Target sells it, if only online.

          • Thanks for the info. I've always ignored the Cricut stuff since when they came out, the machines were NOT compatible with a computer, so you had to [be ab]use[d by] their "cartridges", and couldn't use the machine to cut custom patterns. (I'd've likely bought one when I first saw them if you could've talked to it with your computer. There would be LOTS of potential for Makers with that capability...)

            • We also order the adhesive vinyl for in-house from Amazon. You can get every color and sizing you might want.

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