SparkFun Rummage Giveaway

Who wants some free SparkFun gear?!

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As you may have heard by now, SparkFun is moving soon! Not far actually - just a mile or two north of where we are now. But, as it turns out, we’ve acquired quite a bit of stuff while in our current building and over the last few weeks we’ve been doing some serious cleaning efforts. Which brings us to today’s giveaway - the Rummage Giveaway!

We’ve found a lot of old kits, parts, unused swag and other goodies around. So we’re taking the best of it, boxing it up and sending it out! Are you interested in winning the gear? Entering is simple.

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We’ve created a very quick two-question survey (three questions if you count the one asking for your email address so we can contact you if you win). Simply answer the two questions and you’re entered to win! If you’d rather not answer the questions (though we’d love if you would), just put whatever you want in the answer boxes and provide your email - you don’t have to answer to be entered.

We’re going to collect responses for the next week (from the time this post goes live until 9 a.m. MT on Monday, August 4th). Then we will randomly select four winners and send them their boxes of gear! Good luck!

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