July Caption Contest

The end of the month is near - it's time!

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July is drawing to a close, so let’s sneak a quick caption contest in before it’s too late.

  • Leave your funniest clean caption to the photo in the comments section below. We reserve the right to delete captions that we deem inappropriate. We’re not too stingy, but try to keep it moderately PG-13.
  • Captions submitted any other way besides in the comment section will not be accepted! That means do not use the feedback form!
  • Captions will be accepted from the moment this post goes live until Friday, August 2nd at 10 a.m. Mountain Time.
  • A crack team of humor experts will pick the winner and we will announce it next week.

Here’s the photo:

alt text

The winner will receive $100 in SparkFun credit to buy anything on the site! Good luck and may the best caption win!

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  • And He took took the board, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my Software which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

    Arduino 22:19

  • With my cotton blend shirt and polyester cape, I Captain Static, am ruiner of sensitive electronics!

  • GCF / last year / 8

    Mild-mannered engineer by day; mild-mannered engineer with cape by night. Such is the life of Captain Makey.

  • I will take the Board to Mordor! Though… I do not know the way.

  • An awed silence fell over all the nerdings, as their king raised the board of power.

  • I missed comic con for this?!

  • “Pico shall be the board thou shalt use, and the name of the board shall be Pico. Beagleboard shalt thou not use, neither Arduino, excepting that thou then interface to Pico. PicAxe is right out.”

  • Sparkfun internship program: “ABCs and PCBs”

  • Tie-dye …. it’s great, isn’t it? ….. yes … yes it is …. but listen to me very carefully kids, unless you learn to master … THIS … magic board, you … will be wearing a SUIT by the time you’re 30!

  • Here we see Captain Herp Derp doing some community outreach.

  • Who needs electronics when you have a cape and a captive audience.

  • The administrators must have been really desperate for a sub, wherever they found this kook.

  • ohh no Mephisto is dominating the dimension of electronics, we are lost!!

  • Whoever wields this board, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Iron Man.

  • Jade / last year / 2

    Never trust a bearded man offering you something sweet… unless he’s wearing a red cape.

  • The great Carnack says “used his fingers to spread the cyanoacrylate”

  • and now for my next trick…. setting free the magic smoke!

  • With this board I will forever be known as Super Sparkfun Man! You too can have my super powers for only $19.95….

  • I found this beautiful specimen during my dumpster phase.

  • One board, to rule them all!

  • And this my colorful childrens is the window to knowledge

  • Circuit boards? Where we are going we don’t need circuit boards…

  • Let’s hear the story of the “Little Red Soldering Hood”

  • Phantom of the NOPera.

  • I am Gandalf the Red – Wielder of the red board that contains the mystical blue smoke of miracles.

  • Children, when I bestow upon you the magic of circuit board etching - you can create … but you may never procreate.

  • For my next trick, I will make the light blink TWICE as fast. Ohhhhhhhhhh

  • My minnons wear tye-dye, I wear a cape, I look at red boards, and like to make cake.

  • From Care and feeding of Minions, Chapter 2, paragraph 1. With the addition of the cape, It has become apparent that the Minion needs a Vacation………

  • Aliasar / last year * / 1

    “And remember children, as my wise mentor and relative, Uncle Nicola, once said: With great amps comes great responsibility.
    Those are the wise words my extraordinary persona, Engineer Man, a.k.a. me in a cape, lives by.”

  • By the power of Printed Circuit Board…. I have the power!

  • When it came time for his Grand Finale, the “Wizard of Engineering” failed to impress with his spell that “spontaneously generated several hundred hours of product development”.

  • Can you guess what it is yet?

  • lbela / last year * / 1

    Dudes! I said today was going to be “Look Psycho Day”, not “Look Psyche-delic”!

  • See this board and the antennae in my head? Kids, today we’re going to do some reeeeally cool science.

  • Kids, holding up the ceiling is harder than it looks.

  • Hey Rainbow Kids! Forget your big dirty sandbox at home. Now I present you a pocket Digital Sandbox. Let’s make Rainbow!

  • For my next magic trick I make this ordinary board disappear in a cloud of blue smoke…

  • Why@ / last year / 1

    My preciousssssss.

  • Who did this!? This solder job is magnificent!

  • Augmented reality camera reveals true identity of educator

  • “Who can name the IC model number on this PCB?… Anyone?… Anyone?”

  • Class: “Geesh, enough with the circuit board! Can we go see the poster in the hallway again??”

  • Throwing this board into your room will give each of you your own Fortress of Solitude and Solder. Treat it well.

  • Captain Beard and his Rainbow Squad brainstorm ideas for recycling the plastic sprue from their latest project session. Using them as caltrops has already been rejected because “Legos already do that”.

  • I, the Caped Circuit Crusader, present to you.. aw man, what is this thing again.. =\

  • Little did Super Spark-Man know, his new circuit could bend time. Causing Friday, August 2nd to appear on a Saturday in 2014.

  • A young Doc Brown displays to tepid interest his prototype for the Flux Capacitor.

  • Also I just want to point out that Friday is August 1st.

  • And then he said, “Let there be light!” as he connected the LEDs to the power rail.

  • This is the greatest board ever created, Students… Oh sheet THERE’S A TINY SPECK OF COPPER THAT HAS DESTROYED IT… NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Electronics? I don’t know much about electronics…… But I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

  • And this, kids, is called a cape…

  • By your Sparkfun kits combined, I am Captain Sparkfun!“.

  • Here boys and girls I present to you my sidekick PCB he makes dreams come true.

  • And for my next trick, using only this PCB and a little bit of code… Shazam! Your shirts are now all tie dye!

  • He saw the board… Shaked his head… Thought he’d make a new one (Sparksfun’s internaly)… Etc.

  • Sparkfun’s New BeagleBoard Prototype: The Crusader Cape

  • I will demonstrate Super Conductors once I remove this pipe from my head.

  • Teacher: “No, Billy, you don’t understand. it doesn’t matter how many times you poke the board it will never turn on unless you plug it in. NO Billy you cant poke me either to make it work.” Billy: “But Teacher I thought you said that your cape holds great power in this nation.” Teacher: “Yes I did say that. and right now that’s the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time. Now PLUG IN THE BOARD”.

  • All the children stared, puzzled. Where in the world did this odd engineer-shaped pinata come from, and why was it hanging in their room?!?!

  • When planning your e-textile project, it’s important to select something that will match with any outfit.

  • For those of you without heat ray vision, please stay after class so I can show you the slow way to solder.

  • And that, kids, is how I met the best broard ever!

  • With a bit of practice kids, you can all become soldering superheroes.

  • I was your age when I built this…

  • Guaranteed to Snoop Proof your tablet or lap top.

  • The current K-12 exam questions can be yours.

  • Last time a card caught fire, I swore to get rain gear.

  • Imagine. The entire Snowden Files on one little card.

  • You don’t need gloves wearing my patented antistatic cape.

  • My avatar IS Superman, but it’s wash day.

  • 1,000 solutions to “World of Warcraft” on every card.

  • Where is HIS T shirt?

  • “Dress for Success” maybe, but he is ridiculous.

  • Another 20 minutes of this before recess?

  • Ogre / last year / 1

    Please, DO NOT eat this. You’re parents will never let you play with electronics ever again.

  • Ogre / last year / 1

    I’ve collected all your hopes and dreams and put it into this amazing new board. It’s your new best friend and the only truth teller left in your life now that you’re parents have sent you away to us for camp. Write home about this to your loved ones… tell them they’ve been replaced.

  • Robert…Robert, you do know this is NOT a beagle bone? …So why then did you make me wear this cape??

  • Free cape with every Alien Communicator.

  • Keep your lunch card in the vertical position until insertion in the vending machine.

  • Tell your parents, only $19.95.

  • This simple device will access 79% of ATMs.

  • New York Inflatable Teacher Initiative Pilots In City Schools. Hot Air Piped From Roof Animates Lecturer.

  • Children see this circuit I am holding? Yes you do good, because for a minute there I thought I had brought the cloaking chip.

  • Swain / last year * / 1

    There’s only one thing I love more than SparkFun Electronics…Pudding.

  • “I’m sad Mr. Dunlap is out with a bad case of ‘Friday Flu’ - whatever that is - but Captain Sparkfun is the coolest sub we’ve had in years!”

  • OK…cape…check…Superman underwear…check…look nerd-like but awesome…check. “I just don’t understand why I haven’t turned into Superman! I wonder if I need the tie-dye shirt?”

  • As you see here, I have put all my memories into this microchip. This is the future..

  • Now everyone look down at your shirt. Is it tie dyed now? Amazing isn’t it?

  • Bringing the “electronics religion” to the next level!

  • So you see, Young Puny Earthlings… You shall return all of our Arduinos or face OCCUPATION!

  • For my next trick…blue smoke.

  • Captain Arduino took a break from his crime fighting to lecture the school children on the evils of “Black Hat” hacking.

  • “This, young children, is the future! These electronic thingies will be mailed to you in these red boxes. You will have the ability to command them to blink lights and control motors!”

    In 1967 Sparko-The-Great envisions SparkFun and the micro-controller revolution.

    ;-> (cjh)

  • Super Spark comes to the rescue! No board is to big, no circuit is to small for Super Spark!!

  • I gained my superpowers after installing Linux on this board. There was a bright flash and, suddenly, I was wearing a cape!

  • Captain sparkfun be like- look at this amazing brand new accelerometer with x, y and z axis and 3.3v and 5v compatibility! Kids be like- what the hell does it do?!?!??

  • Which one of you took the capacitor off the board. buzzing noise in background

  • This young children is the real turbo encabulator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLDgQg6bq7o

  • And with this cutting edge technology I will make my cape Invisible! Like Harry Potter! Its not magic, its science!

  • One board to rule them all!

  • Hey guys superman here, ever wonder how I got my laser vision?

  • Hail Electronics! those who are about to be geeks salute you!

  • The first one of you to complete 100 boards gets to wear this Super SparkFun Cape!

  • What gives me my super powers you ask? It’s the Sparkfun microcontroller!

  • Alright my army of tiny, tye-died, minions, I want you to bring me ALL of these Sparkfun boards! and then I shall rule the world! Muwhahaha!

  • Wait for it …

  • I, the Caped Circuit Crusader, present to you.. uhh.. what is this thing again?

  • And Moe came down from the Boulder, bearing a circuit board upon which were graven the Ten Capacitors.

  • And this, children, is how you turn a human being into a circuit board!

  • The CapeController V2.0 runs on the laughter of children to power this fine cape.

  • …And then Sniffy the Enchanted Mouse gnaws the perforations into the ProtoSnap PCB.

  • People of Tee-Hee Village, My Name is Count Plaid-imir. I have discovered new ways to create Tie-dye… Also I can sew capes, but only in red!

  • This is what happens when your positive was supposed to be a negative!!!!!!

  • “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “No, it’s STEM man!”

  • And this little circuit turns everything tie-dye…..

  • I am Bill Gates and this is worth a billion dollars in the future.

  • This is my Skynet T-X target system processor upgrade. I am a humanoid cybernetic organism with the ability to morph into anyone I come in contact with. The last person I morphed into was wearing this ridiculous cape, but make no mistake, I could terminate all of you as soon my upgrade is complete.

  • Captain Nerduino explains the use of the red cape accessory board inspiring a group of admiring initiates to dream of the day when they can wear the red cape with the accessory board.

  • Sparkfun employee looks unamused when camper asks if he ever plans on moving out of his parents' basement.

  • “You!.. Here!.. My fellow Tie-dye-diens! Behold!…This… is… "Spark-ticus”!

  • Captain Obvious shows off circuit board at Sparkfun’s summer intern orientation

  • The Arduino Tiempo seems to have malfunctioned and took only the clothing back to the 70’s. There will be another revision… or is there already another revision?…

  • And this is the source of all my super powers!

  • trying to teach kids the joys of being an MRO Buyer/Planner “By your BOM and leadtimes combined, I am Captain PlanIt”

  • ……and once I’ve implanted one of these tiny boards into each of your brains, Children, we will be UNSTOPPABLE!

  • When I was told to take some capes to show the kids how was I supposed to know they meant Beaglebone capes !!!???

  • This man is no ordinary man. This is Mr. F. G. Sparkfunman. To all appearances, he looks like any other law-abiding citizen. But Mr. F. G. Sparkfunman has a secret identity. When trouble strikes at any time, at any place, he is ready to become: Electronics Repair Man!

  • And Saint Sparkus raised the pcb up on high, saying, ‘O Lord, bless this Thy holy PCB that, with it, Thou mayest blow Thine enemies minds in Thy mercy.’

  • The cape is just a metaphor.

  • Young padawans, this is a Digital Sand box. If you train hard enough, one day you can become a Jedi Maker Master and build your own droids.

  • This is what’s inside all of your heads, kids! This is it! Haha, don’t you see? DON’T YOU SEE!?!?!?! God does not exist! Only Hardac!

  • “A rabbit out of a hat”? “Oh no Johnny”! “I can do much better…”

  • … seems to have locked up … let’s try resetting him …

  • The Father: The people of earth are not different from us, it’s true. But ultimately I believe that’s a good thing. They won’t necessarily make the same mistakes we did. Not if you guide them, kids. Not if you give them hope. That’s what this symbol means. [The Father shows them the SparkFun circuit board] The Father: The symbol of the house of SparkFun means hope. Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief in the potential of every person to MAKE something good. That’s what you can bring them.

  • “Sparkfun and the quest for the prototype PCB went something like this…”

  • “ PCB Detective: The LED King- Whatever You do, Don’t BLINK!”

  • Behold the power of circuits.

  • Wait, why is this a caption contest photo? I had assumed people wore capes at sparkfun all of the time.

  • I’m RTFMan! Reminding you kids to Read the … uhh… Fun Manual!

  • Be careful kids, not only can circuit boards shock you, they can stain your capes

  • Behold the Mighty Circuit Board

  • My young hippie friends, this is a PBC. Behold its glory. Abandon all hope of resisting the power of DIY electronics now. Let it wash over and consume you and all of your wealth.

  • Solder it, - then PRAY!!!

  • This is the device that makes time travel possible! And before you ask, yes, in the year 2014 capes and beards are totally a thing.

  • Ogre / last year / 1

    You too can change the world… one cape at a time.

  • Hippies meet hero

  • We need to breach those helicarriers and replace their targeting blades with our own.

  • With my powerful Cape, the color of a tomato, I will help you turn your PCB into Tie Dye Rainbow!!

  • “With this board and the combined power of your shirts, I will complete my death ray for sure!”

  • I want you to do me a favor, I want you to tell all your friends about me, … I’m Sparkman.

  • The new Sparkspear program adds a little drama to the previously bland STEM class.

  • zool / last year / 1

    “….and that, children, is why plaid will always be better than tie dye.”

  • And here we see my anti gravity power board. Like Iron Man, I too depend on technology for my super powers.

  • See the board, be the board.

  • This board, rendering me susceptible to your psychedelic outfits, shall transform me into “Captain Underpants!”

  • “Gee, Captain SparkFun, what do you want to do tonight?” “The same thing we do every night, Tie Dye children—try to take over the world with electronics!”

  • After discovering his fascination of electronics and superheroes, the students knew precisely how to distract Mr. Spark. Recess would come early today!

  • …So with this board and the attachment you see on my head, I can swiftly move anywhere in the classroom, without my feet touching the ground!

  • The Extremely Sensibly Cape comes in adult sizes only. Sorry kids, there is no ES-Cape for you.

  • Your training is complete, you must now face the final trial, debugging without onboard leds.

  • Announcing the “Red-cape-board”. It is like the Redboard, but used for Cosplay.

  • If wired incorrectly when powered on, even I the resident Sparkfun magician will not be able to restore the magic smoke that will escape from the ICs!

  • Man, the Guild of Superheroes sure has let its costume and superpower admission rules slip.

  • Llamas. / last year * / 1

    “And now, watch it blink… in blue.

  • “This isn’t what I meant to pull out of the hat.”

  • Early sighting of Merlin, the technowiz, training young patowans.

  • Alas poor kit! I soldered him, Horatio.

  • Captain Spark can etch copper with his bare hands.

  • Captain SparkFun revals that his superpowers have been miniaturized onto a single circuit board!

  • My SON’S! The time has come, ALL HAIL LORD CIRCUIT!

  • Dave knew he was succeeding when he saw the look of boardom on their faces!

  • With my next trip, I will get you interested in electronics, and insure that all disposable income goes towards the holy red board (filled with holes). Bwahaha, Bwahaha, Bwahaha.

  • It was at this moment I realized my DIY GPS had not taken me to comic-con, but rather led me to a small group of rather confused children.

  • Once I’m finished here, I’m on my way to audition for the new SparkFun summer blockbuster “Supergeek vs Raspberry Pi!”

  • Captivating your audience is easy as long as you avoid being static, bring electrifying material, and dyve right in to the fun stuff.

  • Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…once it’s populated, goes through the oven, debugged, goes through the oven again, touched up, programmed, burned in, packed and shipped to the customer, that is.

  • And it was at that Moment he realized that he let all the magic smoke out.

  • This is the source of my power, or is it my power source….I forget

  • And Now my captive auidience! I will make this board….. Blink!!

  • Making science super cool, one super hero at a time.

  • Nick gathers rallies his army in preparation for an attack on RobertC.

  • And remember boys and girls, at the SparkFun supermarket, we card.

  • Mr. Peabody demonstrates a beagle board cape that turns dull tie-die shirts into a very GEEKY plad.

  • Here it is Billy, the electronics that powers your evil sister Veronica. Now I will show you a secret trick on how to short circuit her!

  • Last time I try anything that Nick Poole suggests!

  • Silence struck the room when the instructor asked “Does this board make my cape look big?”

  • Just seconds before the dramatic music and flash powder woke everyone up !!

  • Superheroes can teach electronics too

  • Now children, this is, and forever will be, your kryptonite. Be strong.

  • Who ordered those tie-dye Tees? No adult sizes?

  • You call that a costume? Now who’s phoning it in?

  • And they said Interviewing at Sparkfun was Child’s Play…!

  • this IS SPARKFUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  • Kids this is Mister RU12, he belongs in a galaxy far, far, away…!

  • Bob suddenly realizes that he is NOT at ComicCon…

  • Rick-S / last year * / 1

    OK students, now that you’ve mastered the art of Tie-Dye, let Captain Spark show you the art of PCB design. I’m sure you can tell by the look on my face it’ll be a blast!!

  • Let’s all meet our new best friend “Auntie Dweeno”

  • orin / last year / 1

    Why, yes, I am a wizard.

  • Did everyone bring their new Red Board friend today?

  • Who knows what this is?

  • All eyes on me! Why kids are not allowed smartphones in class.

  • Does this cloak make my Arduino Look big?

  • barryjh / last year * / 1

    During today’s session of Tie Dyed Electronics Jamboree, I want to talk about two new Sparkfun Capes.

  • A generation ago this crowd would have been into LSD, or worse, but now a presentation on PCBs expands their young minds.

  • These kids really want to know how to use the board if only I can figure it out quickly.

  • The children studied the curious effect that occurred by removing the Redboard from the instructor’s chest.

  • And while you’re on your first break I’ll get help out of this shower curtain.

  • OK kids, you were right and I was wrong again. The PWM pins CAN modulate audio. I am already wearing the cape of shame, do I really have to shave half my beard this time?

  • Somewhere between the ‘Spark’ and the ‘Fun’, early one morning!

  • Today in Tie Dye class at SFCC (Spark Fun Comic Con) …

  • Pick a card; any card…

  • cape or death?

  • Kids, ignore the man behind the cape.

  • The Children, not overly impressed by his presentation nor red cape, drove a steel pipe into their instructor’s head and watched him spin for a while…

  • Behold the Red Board!

  • Harry Potter can keep his wand. We have CIRCUITS!

  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate your homes and schools with our Spark-Board. When over 200,000 Spark-Boards are distributed, we will have achieved world domination!


  • The high preist of the Church of the Spark, the Fun, and the Holy Blue Smoke begins the training of the youngest members.

  • Now children, I have always chosen a cape over a shield, but that is strictly a matter of personal preference. The important thing is to make sure your pin assignment is correct.

  • With the rise of technology spellbooks are not what they use to be.

  • Remember, with great power comes great responsibility !

  • I am Thor! Do you want to see my mighty powers?

  • You can recognize Captain Sparkfun by his signature red solder mask!

  • Kids!!, don’t look at me like that, as if i know not what i do. I know you are intelligent but come on give me a break here… [ “I have to think, what should i say to these kids wheeeuuush - THINKING” ]

  • Simon Says, “You have super powers!”

  • And with the power invested in my by the board and the cape I can warp time itself so that Saturday becomes Friday!

  • Color coordination between the hardware and your clothes is vital to the success of any project.

  • Remember children, with great power comes great responsibility in properly choosing the correct resistor size.

  • Children, I present thee with thy COM-2! With it’s wired wireless connection you need not a source of power, but plug it into itself and watch the magic happen!

  • Who can tell me where this board gets its power from? Anybody? C'mon guys! It’s the cape!

  • “So as you can see, if you need help extruding the ISO file to the proper graphical measurement unit, just ask a professional in the field of process initialization and they will guide you through the process of replugging the virus holes in your mainframe PCB”

  • THIS…the codex is the reason that i am your leader. That and because i’m taller than you.

  • Introducing the KryptoCape. Harnesses the power of the sun to let you perform various cryptographic operations.

  • “With the flick of this switch, we will time travel back to the seventies.”

  • Who says having the super power to educate tie dyed children about PCB’s doesn’t make you a super hero?

  • What powers you ask? How about the power to detect height. That’s elevation homes!

  • The solder joints have become far easier to see through lately.

  • LMO / last year / 1

    Putin Jr is not impressed

  • The electronics master taught his padawans the ancient secret of PLC boards, knowing that they would put their knowledge to good use when fighting in the Circuit Wars.

  • “$%#! it, I am Iron Man.”