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We've posted the user manual for the MP3 Development Board. Check it out for information about how to bootload the LPC2148 over USB.

After much sweat and tears, we have posted a Visual Basic program to allow the nRF24AP1 module to listen for heart rates from Garmin and Sunnto straps. These straps use the ANT protocol which can be picked up by our transceiver module.

A dimensional drawing for the euro-card sized PCB is now available for the SparkFun Projects Case.

Finally! A bitmap converter for the Nokia color LCD displays.

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  • I took your clear project case and made a robot with it. Two modded servos, an USB Arduino, and a nine volt battery perfectly fit in this case. With a Sharp IR distance sensor mounted on the removable bezel. I can program it with usb without taking it apart. My metal nipper made easy work of making openings for switches and such.

  • send us a picture to spark at sparkfun.com :)

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