New Robots, Items, and Pictures

Checkout Mike's Robot and a handful of new products and pictures.

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Mike created a simple Arduino controlled robot. Looking for a case, he found the SparkFun enclosure and hacked it into submission.
Nice job Mike! Thanks for the email.

On with the new items!

Why? Because Plasma Balls are just cool. And this one gets power over USB. What can you do with a Plasma ball? We've got crazy ideas! But what can you do?

We created this new bezel to work with the button pads. Use this 2x2 top bezel along with the bottom bezel to create as large an array as you can dream.

And to keep the bezels looking good, we stock these black anodized 4-40 threaded screws to hold it all together.

The SIS-2 is a creative little device. You 'teach' it an IR remote control code - for instance the 'Play' button on your TV remote. When the IC senses that unique code, the SIS-2 drives an output pin high. That output could be hooked up to your blender to start the creation of a tasty beverage. The SIS-2 basically enables an IR remote to control real world objects that do not normally have remote control.

If you've ever created a PCB layout and gotten frustrated because the silkscreen didn't come out right, this board is for you. We had the same issue! This Reference Board demonstrates the various text sizes and thicknesses so that you can get the pin indicators on your Eagle PCB layouts to come out legibly.

And just because our photography team is doing such a superb job, we thought we would re-post products that are not really new, but the images are!

Internals of the MP3 Dev Board

The micro-OLEDs have been updated! Now the controller is built onto the board.

The stepper motor now has a longer control arm.

The classic RS232 to TTL Shifter Board, now with updated pictures.

Trimble has updated the Lassen iQ just a bit. New pictures now up.

Much cleaner pictures of the popular IMU Combo!

SparkFun's example Simon project - now smaller!

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