Successful Simon Class

We had a great time at the Simon class on Wednesday. Checkout the class photos and some new products!

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Despite the snow, the SMD Simon Soldering Class went very well! 20 students ranging from 13 to 55 years old made it to the SparkFun campus. We had a 100% success rate! Everyone went home with a little more knowledge of surface mount soldering and we learned a ton from teaching them. It was a great class and we look forward to future classes!

New UBW32 development board! This impressive board designed by Brian Schmalz is the first of its kind to carry the new 32-bit PIC (PIC32MX460F512L). It's a beast of a board.

This is the new, impressively field-hardened ultrasonic range sensor WR1 from Maxbotix. This sensor provides very accurate readings in even the worst conditions. We also carry the hardware to make the mounting of the sensor as strong and sealed as possible.

This is the hard to find GPS signal amplifier. A matching network and band-pass filter are built into this very minute IC.

If you need to add USB Host functionality to the UBW32, the SMD USB Type A connector is here for you!

Ask and you shall receive (see comments on post). This is the SMD right angle female connector with mounting posts that you will find on the LilyPad mainboard and the latest version of the Aruino Pro board. This connector mates nicely with our FTDI Basic Board.

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  • tomas316 / about 15 years ago / 1

    When is the next one and where do we sign up?

  • The class took place at SparkFun, in our old production room which has been converted to a sort of classroom. We're located in Boulder, CO.

  • laux / about 15 years ago / 1

    where did this take place?

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