Wow, it's Friday already! We just got back from the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. A ton of fun. We heard about many new and upcoming products and met many very cool customers. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi!

We really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Wanna see what $6K gets you at one of these big conference?

Ohhhhh. Ahhhhh. But it really was worth it!

Ok, now for the goodies. We have for you this Friday evening (shortly before happy hour):

The new Tri-Color LED Matrices are in stock - now with opaque lenses.

New light bars are now available including a triple-color LED light bar!

The Green light bars are now fully stocked at a lower price.

The new triple-axis accelerometer ADXL330 from Analog Devices is now reaching market. Of course we are armed and ready with a breakout board.

The Open EEG Analog and Digital Boards have been listed under the new EEG category.

And finally, the new IC from Nordic Semiconductor has arrived! The new nRF24L01 is the lowest power, most flexible 2.4GHz transceiver to hit the market! We've even got a breakout board!

Enjoy the weekend!

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