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SparkFun Tours

Want to come check out SparkFun HQ?

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Here at SparkFun, we love visitors. We are generally friendly people and we definitely enjoy a good chat about electronics with our customers. In fact, nothing tickles our fancy more than when people see Bert and Ernie (our pick-n-place machines) going full throttle for the first time. Really, it still excites us to see them whizzing along.

Because of our crazy growth, we've decided to start getting serious about our tours. We've trained a handful of SparkFun gurus and we've polished and set out as many of our tutorials and projects as possible. We're excited to show you our home!

So you now have a standing invitation - every Friday at 3PM - to come check out SparkFun. We will take this time to show you our production area, shipping floor, testing cabinets, our classroom (you know we teach classes, right?), the breakroom, anything you'd like to see! Please note that we have a lot of dogs in the building - so if you have serious allergies you may not want to go on a tour. The dogs are all friendly though, and love nothing more than a good pet. Also know that we occasionally (well, usually) have beer on Fridays - so if you see us walking around with a pint, you'll know why!

The tour lasts about an hour to and hour and a half. We really enjoy answering questions and sharing what we've learned over the past few years, as well as learning some new things from you.

If you think you want to join us for our Friday tour, we'd love to have you. We can usually handle up to 20 guests so please give us a call ahead of time (303.284.0979) and let us know how many to expect in your group. We hope to see many of you here soon!

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