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Robotic gripper arms, Actobotics stuff, and more! Check out the New Product Post.

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We not only have a pretty good-sized batch of new products this week, but also a cool demo. Be sure to check out the video and ready every last word on this post. First, the video!

Remind me not to let Nick do a photobooth for my wedding... OK, let's check out all the new stuff.

Standard Gripper Kit A - Channel Mount

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Need to grab on to some stuff? This week we have 4 new robotic gripper arms that work with the Actobotics product line. The two smaller grippers work with the sub-micro servo size and come as a straight mount or a hub mount. If you want something a little bigger, we have two that work with standard-sized servos, a straight mount and a channel mount. All of them require you to provide your own servo and assembly.

Camera Module - pcDuino V3 (2MP)


Need a camera module for your pcDuino3 for doing timelapses or image processing? Check out the new 2MP camera module. This 2M pixel camera module is capable of capturing 1616 x 1232 pixel array video and images and connects directly to your pcDuino V3. Connect the included ribbon cable to the CSI (Camera Serial Interface) port on your pcDuino, boot it up, and you are good to go! If you want to see the camera module in action, check it out here

Kinoma Create

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The Kinoma Create is the JavaScript-powered construction kit perfect for prototyping smart consumer electronics and Internet of Things devices. The Kinoma Create removes the need to buy bare single-board computer with loads of different add-ons by creating a plug-and-play environment with all the tools needed on board, all ready to go right out of the box! With the Kinoma Create you’ll be at “hello world” in just a few minutes. The Kinoma is available for pre-order with an expected ship date of the first week in November. Initial quantities are limited, so get your orders is now.

SparkFun MicroView - OLED Arduino Module

SparkFun MicroView - OLED Arduino Module


We now have the MicroView ready to sell. All the Kickstarter orders are done and we are now shipping the module and the programmer. If you're not familiar with the MicroView, it's an Arduino compatible module that lets you see what your Arduino is thinking using a built-in OLED display. Check out this video to see it in action.

21st Century Fashion Kit


Just in time for Halloween, we have the 21st Century Fashion Kit. It's an e-textiles resource pack filled with everything you need to add a bit of modern technology to your clothes, bags, shoes, or any other wearable piece of apparel. If you have a fair grasp on e-textiles and are looking for more of a challenge, this kit is a great next step!

Intel® Galileo Gen 2

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This week we have a new version of the Galileo from Intel. The Intel Galileo Gen 2 board is based on the Intel Quark SoC X1000, a 32-bit Intel Pentium®-class system on a chip (SoC). It is the first board based on Intel architecture designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with shields designed for the Arduino Uno R3. The Galileo board is also software-compatible with the Arduino Software Development Environment, which makes getting started a snap.

DC Barrel Jack Plug - Female

DC Barrel Jack Plug - Female


Need a female barrel jack? We got you covered. We have a female barrel jack in the standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm size. The outer shell unscrews to reveal solder cups and strain relief.

Flanged Standoff A - 8mm (2 Pack)


We have a couple new Actobotics bits this week. The first is a 2-pack of flanged standoffs. These work well for connecting skate wheels to things. The 8mm shaft fits around bearings commonly found in skate wheels, making it easy to integrate them into projects.

Shaft Collar - Clamp (1/4", 2 Pack)


We also have 2 packs of these 1/4" shaft collars. They work well for securing shafts in place. They also have a lip which helps to eliminate friction against bearings.

XBee Pro 50mW U.FL Connection - Series 2B (ZigBee Mesh)


Lastly, we have a new XBee module. The new Series 2B improves upon the power output and data protocol of the Pro Series2. Series 2B modules allow you to create complex mesh networks based on the XBee ZB ZigBee mesh firmware. These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between microcontrollers, computers, systems, really anything with a serial port!

Phew, that's all the new stuff for this week. Hope there's something here you like. Thanks for reading and we'll see you again next week with more new stuff. See you then.

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  • Ford Anglia / about 10 years ago / 6

    At video time code 0:45 the Microview is inserted upside down in the MicroView - USB Programmer. I had to really look closely as mine before mating them together. Hint: The Microview's OLED window is closer to the top, and there's a silk-screen graphic on the PCB.

  • schreiaj / about 10 years ago / 2

    Hey guys, not sure why but your RSS feed has been showing up weird the last two weeks. Whatever you use to generate the feed is inserting a snippet of the actual description.

    <!-- Description -->
        <p class="description">
          This 2M pixel camera module is capable of capturing 1616 x 1232 pixel array video and images and connects directly to your pc…    </p>


    • I'll have a look.

      Edit: Ok, so a while back, we added this feature to our in-house Markdown wrapper where authors can use little "macros" that call out to other code that renders stuff like the product images + cart buttons you see in Friday new product posts now.

      It turns out that some of these don't look so hot when you don't have our CSS / JS as they're rendered. Sorry about that. We'll try to think of a graceful solution.

  • So are the new robotic grippers made out of metal or plastic? Hard to tell from the video. Might want to mention that in their description. Thanks!

  • Anyone else notice that Nick says pull, poole?

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