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SparkFun gets a lift on a low-atmosphere student satellite. And we have some new products too.

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CU has successfully delivered their High Altitude Student Platform payload!
The CU payload consists of a group of CCD cameras to collect images of celestial bodies and light intensities during the 122,500ft assent into the stratosphere. Best of luck to the CU students working on the project! We hope to hear more about the launch scheduled for later this week.

Be sure to checkout the live camera from within the hanger, GPS tracking, and the controllable camera on the hanger!

Olimex is releasing some new, very complex development boards. This board based on the LPC2478 has the power to run Linux!

If you don't need the display, this development board for the LPC2468 is equally as powerful!

Speaking of powerful ARM boards, this is a LPC2378 based board with TFT color LCD and touch screen.

The powerful GSM development board is now available in a PIC flavor. Control almost anything wherever there is cellular reception!

Another nicely packaged LCD, this is a PIC development board with monochrome LCD and 5-way joystick.

New AT90USB162 from Atmel is a low-cost and handy USB IC. It's like the ATmega16, with a USB bootloader!

Olimex also has a new RFID reader. This USB-enabled device shows up as HID or CDC and reads standard 125kHz RFIDs.

This is a handy SAM7 based board that incorporates our favorite nRF24L01 2.4GHz radio. Use this as a powerful ARM based, USB wireless widget.

That is a huge hunk of epoxy, around four LED dies. These 10mm LEDs use 4 LEDs in one package to get really bright lighting effects! Available in Red, Green, and Blue.

And some photo updates. This is a nifty, low power PIC 18F8490 dev board with LCD.

The classic terminal board with the LPC2138 has a new pic.

The AMOLEDs from 4DSystems have a new look as well. Lots of new features jammed into these impressive displays.

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  • launch occurred this morning at 7:32am, you can watch the cosmo cam for the next 22 hours.

  • Looks like with one tropical depression to the south east of new mexico, and hurricane Ike, the launch will be saturday morning between 7:00-7:30am. So if any of you can get up that early on a weekend please watch!
    but after that you can check out the SFE logo floating at 120,000ft all day and night!

  • Great job with the new PIC18 offerings. I like the aluminum faceplates on the LCD application. How about some new dsPIC offerings other than flex?

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