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Maker Faire, SparkFun Flickr and a Caption Contest

Check out our Maker Faire Photos, our Flickr page - and how about a caption contest?

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Update: The caption contest will end at 9 AM MST on Thursday, May 26th. Get your entries in before then!

There is no shortage of the unusual at Maker Faire.

When SparkFun first started, one of the things we really wanted to make sure we did was have clear, detailed photos of our products. In fact, that was one of the factors that led to SparkFun's inception - the fact that our CEO, Nathan Seidle, couldn't find photos of the actual parts he was buying. It made sense to him that he should be able to see what he was spending his money on. Product photos continue to be something we focus on today.

The soldering workshops at Maker Faire were a blast.

In addition to product photos, we also like to try to document events we attend and keep tabs on whats happening around SparkFun. So, in case you weren't able to attend Maker Faire this past weekend, we have a fairly large photo set to check out! I've picked handful of my personal favorites to post here, but there are a lot more on our Flickr page.

The life-size Mousetrap game is always a hit.

If you haven't visited the SparkFun Flickr page before, there are some pretty cool shots. In addition to the photos from Maker Faire San Mateo this past weekend, there are tons of other pictures from things like our trip to Siggraph, the 2011 AVC Competition, and other zany shots.

(Insert your caption here)

And since we're talking about photos, lets do a caption contest! Take a good look at the above photo - and give us your best caption in the comments. Try to keep them fairly PG! The winner gets - wait for it - a SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino! Let the captions fly!

Comments 270 comments

  • New 10bitworks.com(San Antonio Hackerspace) weight lose device goes horribly wrong, turns into giant child magnet.
    Never fear Super Carny Vince "Evel Knievel" Smith was on the job.

  • basdlkfdf

  • Check out my "Gregor Counter". The more gamma rays hit his head, the angrier he gets.

  • Daft Punk's early costumes had some aesthetic issues to be ironed out.

  • Looks like "Two and a half men" is back!

  • Steve Buscemi demonstrates his new Head-Cannon, much to his assistant's dismay.

  • Mom was right, my face DID freeze like that. I just wish she hadn't saved it for posterity.

  • The portable HAL 9001 proved difficult to deal with, and even more difficult to remove.

  • Mr. Yellow Suite Man was devastated after finding out his prized crop of human heads was given the red ribbon for second place. Better luck next year.

  • Frank, how many times do I have to tell you to stop licking the glass? Another zap for you!

  • insert funny caption here

  • Robot Vantriloquists--After the Uprising.

  • Dude. Camera. Look normal.

  • From the Cylon development files: The road to go from a toaster to Number 6 was not always a pretty one

  • the teleporter didn't work quite right last time bob used it

  • I wonder how much Lady GaGa would pay for 5 of these...

  • They said "fairly PG!", not "Try to make the polite 5th graders wince by thinking up twisted captions!".

  • But you said the cake was delicious

  • Couldn't resist taking this picture! I talked to Mike (standing) later. Turns out he was trying to console his friend, Tom (kneeling) about being angry that Maker Faire didn't have a costume contest. Mike was a pretty all-around happy guy. Tom on the other hand, was pretty much always drunk. He told us he was drunk when he made his costume so he couldn't even tell us what it was!
    See ya on the Friday New Product post (perhaps something about plastic storage containers? ;))

  • Take that, Power Rangers!!

  • Yes folks, you too can build your own Arduino powered Prostate examiner 2.0!! Gives new meaning to the term "open source"!!!

  • "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not a goldfish"

  • It's always the guy in the back with a smile on his face...
    You said fairly PG.

  • After years of developing a toxic gas containment suit a major design flaw is discovered.

  • The Fly meets Three Mile Island: Only at Maker Faire.

  • Guy in blue shirt drinks purple beverage and stands on skateboard (partially obstructed view)

  • Man, do I love interns. They do pretty much anything you tell them.

  • Rubbermade's new biohazard suit on display.

  • Noooo! Nate isn't here!!?! But I must show him what I did with my Simon Kit!!!

  • It started as these things always do, Subtly. Strange grins that seemed out of place, an odd look as you walked down the hall, Strange devices laying on Marvin's desk. No one noticed, or rather, no one wanted to notice.
    I wonder now, had I paid more attention, could I have prevented what was to come.
    It was a beautiful spring day when it happened. We were attending our annual company picnic at at the local park.I had noticed Marvin pull up in his truck but paid it no mind, we all were looking for the boss's car to pull into the lot.
    I was standing by the snack table trying to snare an extra piece of bacon when the screams started. As I turned to see what was going on I saw a large yellow monstrosity coming towards us, Firing ... Lasers? Oooze Blasts? something, from a neon tube it was carrying. It was a sight to behold, shaped like a man it had a distended tan chest, a Bucket like head,and some sort of multicolored deformity coming from it's back.
    As people started to run I found myself like a frog in the flashlight, unable to move and only able to stare in disbelief. As I watched John from accounting get mowed down, I even felt a brief moment of levity, To heck with my expense report. In shock at this thought and what I was seeing I collapsed to the ground, trying to Hide from what was going on.
    Eventually ,however, the field emptied, silence descended and I was left alone with bodies strewn across the once pristine area and the yellow monster.
    I was shocked when rather than blast me as it had others the monster approached. It came next to me and Knelt down and it was then that I saw the tortured face of my boss inside the helmet! As I looked up in horror I saw the 'Deformity' On its back detach....
    I blacked out then, In fear ,surprise who knows. I only awoke later in a hospital bed. I was told that the police had found evidence in Marvin's home that he had been experimenting with Human-Machine hybrids, creating monsters in his basement.

    I was lucky to be alive they said, but now, Years later as I sit watching T.V. I have these odd thoughts come through my head , a strange desire to travel..... Somewhere. And I wonder, Was I so lucky?

    TLDR: "Marvin's First Experiment in Human-Machine Hybrids is a rousing success! Just a few side affects to work out.

  • Note to self: "Do not go through the transporter with my pet fish, Eric, again!"

  • And so ended the first, and last, Simpsons-Futurama Cosplay Spectacular.

  • Despite his heroic efforts, bubble boy Leroy had to admit that he would never fit in with the biker crowd.

  • Before Maker Fair could set sail, everyone had to learn how to put on a safety suit in case of a "minor" emergency.

  • what happens when you don't read the manual for your DIY jetpack

  • Hindsight: Do NOT invent the modern equivalent of Medieval Chamber Pot Hats...

  • A life-sized self contained human powered pez dispenser

  • There's nothing to worry about with these exams.... until you feel a hand on each shoulder.

  • Hand 1, man-puppet 0.

  • in retrospect, i should have installed ventilation in case of flatulation.

  • The key to any DIY project is being creativity in finding components.

  • Another fine Maker Faire innovation: worse than the Atomic Wedgie, The Bio-Hazard Wedgie!

  • OK... I think I found the socket

  • You know the future is here when we invent the first talking head from Futurama.

  • Hey you guys have a shot out in this article. http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/04/radio-shack-decides-it-loves-diyers-after-all.html

  • I wonder why sparkfun can't do the stuff at the maker fair NYC that they can in the Bay Area Maker Fair?

  • geez i wish i hadn't eaten that burito

  • An attempt by a Futurama head to take over the body of a local stuntman was foiled by a helpful Maker Faire bystander.

  • Hear no Evel, see no Evel, speak no Evel

  • Actually, THIS is what makes time travel possible.

  • Let's see you "welcome your overlords" THIS, buster!

  • Well, childbirth works rather differently in my species, but we're past the hard part now.

  • "What? No! I left my time machine right here, on this lawn!! I don't want to be stuck in 2011!!!"

  • "You have no time to rest!! We've got to get to the transplant recipient ASAP!!!"

  • "Think they'll let me on the plane with this?"

  • "Think this is cool? Wait 'till it gets dark: his head tube lights up!"

  • Enabling Firefighters to save more lives, the Jaws-of-Life 2.0 revives a person's head when that's all they have left. Similar to the Taser, there are several lawsuits pending concerning "inappropriate use" or "excessive force" or "smiling too much".

  • Subject #492 succumbed to asphyxiation, similar to previous subjects. Cause: blocked air filter (again). We really should fix that.

    • Well shoot. I just ruined the "256 Comments" with this one. Karma is real: don't post comments past the deadline :P

  • When brought to his knees, the ventriloquist's dummy realized he should have quit when he was a-head.
    (a-Ha! ha ha... hrm.)

  • "No, no I'm not seeing it...Yes I'm squinting! Bob, I think Jim's helmet HUD is goofing up again...why are you laughing?"

  • You addlebrained idiot! You can't even beat a bunch of miserable turtles! I refuse to give you one more iota of my technology until you finish building my new body!

  • Internal organs? Mate, you want EXternal organs to survive around Maker Faire.

  • Marty! there's no time for that, the Libyans are coming! One point twenty-one jigawatts!

  • Gosh, did he say to cut the red wire or the blue wire...? ...Oh! camera.....cheeeeze :)

  • Is it in yet?

  • End!

  • Prototype of the portable Matrix human power supply.

  • The beer is Jim's cooler was so strong it could take your head off

  • Caption:
    Dear Penthouse,
    I never thought these stories were real, until today...

  • The brand new human waste to energy converter suit . . . power all of your electronics anytime, anywhere.

  • Warning: do not attempt to use the hyper-gravity suit without a spotter.

  • "If this guy tells you 'I pushed him down ', he's lying"

  • I'm, I'm a Thinking! Wait who is that?

  • Quit smiling and cut the wire going to pin 7 on the Uno so I can move again.

  • Aw man, you guys would use a D7000 to take all those photos
    Color me jealous

  • So... You REALLY can Doo Doo a Twin???

  • It's obviously a Prison Rear Entrance Protection Suit. This guy is clearly occupied.

  • Guess where is the red button :D

  • Mr. and Mrs. Sam Adams, of Boston, announce that, at the insistence of the Church, the venue for the marriage of their son Grizzly to Buzz Lightbeer of Milwaukee, WI and to Bud Miller of St. Louis MO has changed. The ceremony will be held at the Civic Center this Sunday, after the Rollerderby. The trio are registered at SparkFun Electronics, and will honeymoon in Golden, CO.

  • New attraction at Maker Faire; free yourself from robot-arms unlocked by methane sensor.

  • Privacy not guaranteed at Maker Faire's portable restrooms.

  • Even the portal restrooms are a special Attraction at Maker Faire.

  • Inventor of gas-powered robot "The Engulfer" poses behind his excellent working creation.

  • At The Maker Faire this weekend a local doctor helps an expecting mother robot give birth, our nations first. Notice father wearing blue in the back celebrating with a drink. Congratulations

  • Guy in backgrounds thinking, "Sweet if that fireman passes out, I get a free pressure cooker!"

  • "Ever had the proverbial monkey on your back?"
    "It's always funny when someone ELSE has the proverbial monkey on THEIR back."
    By the way, are you guys going to give us the lowdown on what REALLY is happening in this picture?

  • Dude "We followed the tutorial to a T. I don't know what when wrong. Lets pretend It worked and smile."

  • "Please, don't post this on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com"

  • The beans didn't create the 1.21 gigawatt, but a funny smell...

  • ...and for just 5 easy payments of $99.95, but wait! There's MORE!
    (air holes not included and available for an additional cost)

  • Hey, don't you know that threes a crowd, I'm trying to let one go here!

  • This model comes with a big glass jar to contain the explosion. (the helmet behind shows why you need it)

  • aaagh, wedige!

  • Dateline Houston: Flo & Eddie, America's beloved siamese twins prepare for their mission on the International Space Station. Here they're seen practicing takeoffs with NASA Astronaut "Crash" Carruthers.

  • John, dude! When I told you to stick it where the sun don't shine I didn't mean it literally...

  • Hang on dude, lemme get my transformer back into a 'board and I'll ride with you.

  • "Help I've fallen and I can't get up!"

  • Suddenly, Dr. No realized that his army of Siamese triplets was no match for the Maker Faire bean burrito.

  • I am ready for Mars!

  • This is how robots are created.

  • This is proof that nothing good can happen after the words "hold my bear and watch this ..."

  • Looks like Alonso won't be Flux-ing any time soon ..

  • "I think I'm not using this space shuttle toilet right"

  • Isotope Manwich

  • make up your mind! Is it Thursday, or may 25th??!!

  • Don't...take...my...battery...

  • Yo dog, So we herd you like Maker Faire, so we put a guy in a crazy suit so you can watch a crazy affair at Maker Faire!

  • Packing an extra suit just in case we time-traveled and ended up leaping to Mars.

  • One Arduino and a broken washing machine later, e-textile washing-machine "clothduino" had become self aware (and self conscious). Skynet was not amused.

  • Our new Radioaactive gamma suit also comes with a space for a backup driver..
    Exhibit A : Under such circumstances when prolonged exposure to the green radioactive renders you incapable of moving, another human can then get into the pillion/driving/walking assist seat and navigate you...
    If i can just get into the suit without killing myself.....

  • Station toot at the harnessing alternative energy workshop.

  • Somehow I knew this Krang costume was a bad idea.

  • Trial 1 for instantaneous human clone machine:..... I think we're gonna need just a few more trials... Oh well, smile for the camera!

  • man at maker faire eaten by transformer disguised as motorcyclist

  • Turns out a portable garbage disposal wasn't such a hot idea.

  • "... then i realized that genetic engineering was not my gift. thats why I do electronic engineering now." "fascinating, drink some more caffeine and keep pushing"

  • Mr Burgundy, you have a massive leak!

  • Spacesuit man: "Oh crap!"
    Proctologist: "No joke."

  • Next New Product Post Giveaway Prize: An amazingly realistic* robotic SparkFun Employee to help you with all your troubleshooting, soldering, and component scourcing!
    *It's actually a human employee. You can ship people in Rubbermaid containers without stamps, right?

  • "Trying to pass a stubborn spent fuel rod can be hard work"

    • I've actually got no idea what time it is in the mountains of the USA, so I think I'm too late!

  • The new Terrestrial Manned Maneuvering Unit (TMMU) needs work...

  • Frank is delighted that his Lil'SportsFriend(TM) social robot mistook Tom's insult, "You are TOTALLY gay!", for a command...

  • three members from the bay area hackerspace, bongbridge.

  • Excuse me, sir, which way to the Life Sized Mousetrap?

  • The new radioactive Chi pets are proving much less user friendly than previous iterations.

  • Launching ICBM (Inter-Continental Body Missile) In 5...4...3...2...1...

  • 1-Bob realized he was in over his head.
    2-Is there an Arduino shield for this?
    3-In Soviet Russia, E-Textiles wear you!

  • "No dad! The instructions say for a life sized spongebob the other part goes on TOP of the first one"

  • Two-man hazmat suit.
    Not so great actually...

  • I was taking a few last-minute pictures of some of the Faire-goers on Sunday.
    I came across these two.
    Mike was (smiling) later told me he was just about to pull out some fire ants out of Toms' (kneeling) costume. I didn't know it at the time that they were actually biting him, because I couldn't hear a thing out of that guy!
    Talk about ants in the pants! Get it?
    Ah... Maker Faire. Good times.
    Talk to you soon!

  • Guy in the background: entering Maker Faire
    Guy in the suite: leaving Maker Faire
    Maker Faire makes people ABNORMALLY HAPPY, so happy in fact that they have to wear special suites to contain there happiness.

  • Two facts about San Mateo you won't find on Wikipedia:
    1) Guys like to wear 2 earrings in their left ear.
    2) It is in fact LEGAL to drink beer while skateboarding!

  • You asked for 'em, we got 'em!
    We finally found a supplier that was willing to manufacture for us large plexiglass cylinders. These are completely sealed on the bottom. We can imagine these being used as waste baskets(what a waste, hah!), vacuum chambers, or the perfect helmet for that costume idea you've kicking around (Yes! They will fit over human head - we've tried it).

  • Sadly, the GOP search for a 2012 nominee had come to this.

  • If men became pregnant, this is what giving birth would look like.

  • Just have to insert the control rod a little bit further...

  • A little to the right. Ah, that’s the spot.

  • Oh look! My entry for the next Sparkfun AVC contest!

  • I can't tell if there are 3 guys or 2!

  • look at the guy in there, poor guy, how will he get out nobody knows!

  • portable gas chambers!!!

  • This is one heck of a human powered boom-box.

  • As you can see, most of our pictures were obscured by men in costumes.

  • Makers recreation of a saw movie seen.

  • As you can see, Maker Faire had a small budget and could only afford three flags, one red, one yellow, and one blue.

  • "See that guy back there, Makers don't get mad, they get even"

  • the new way to chug!

  • Maker Faire's portable restrooms.

  • If this does not get me a date with 7 of 9, I don’t know what will.
    Look, that guy in front just crapped a radioactive midget!
    Boy, I thought Ghostbusters 3 would have had a bigger budget…
    I would have won the Master Chief lookalike contest if that idiot motorcycle guy hadn't t-boned me.
    That’s it, this time; Lady Gaga has gone too far.

  • This just so happens to be how they found out 42 was the answer to everything.

  • As you can see the grass was very green at Maker Faire.

  • Maker Faire just seemed like the perfect opportunity to roll out Sparkfuns newest wearable, the "Backpack Buddy"! This Arduino driven mini-Gundam provides great mobility for anyone willing to sacrifice their legs. We're working out some wrinkles with the power supply, but the Buddy will park itself in kneeling position (for safety)when the charge level is critical. Full surround protective helmet is optional, but recommended. Electromagnetic Shielding for the power source is not optional according to the NRC.
    Check back for product updates, including a version for those who choose to keep their legs!

  • One great maker created a human looking robot that likes to wear blue shirts and ride skate boards.This robot is unique as it runs off of coca-cola, which is not a common energy source.

  • You're doing it wrong... =)

  • (man in back) "You've heard of cow tipping? Wait until you see what I do to THIS guy!"

  • And with this device and some assistance from a friend, you too can poop out a helmeted man doll.

  • random guy entering a time machine made of spare parts and a guys head for fuel!

  • New at MakerFaire 2001: The Genetic Experimentation Pavilion.
    Watch in amazement as the giant cicada man-beast undergoes his natural molting process before your very eyes!

  • Mike's faulty piggyback GPS resulted in yet another crash landing. "recalculating"

  • It's like a Daftpunk sandwich.

  • The DIY cyborg community is doubling all the time.

  • This isn't what it looks like...

  • Upgrading his killer robot's hardware will be a lot easier once this new Arduino board in installed.

  • Step 1 when designing a costume: Quick escape.

  • Wait. Today is May 25. Tomorrow is Thursday. Which is it?

  • I'm not sure I want to know what is happening here...

  • Only 3 hours left in the make faire. I think I can hold it.

  • The definitive reason why Howie Mandel shaved his head.

  • Guy 1: “Hehehe”
    Guy 2: “Insert the photon defibrillator already dag nab it! I’m down to 14 gigajoules of nucleic energy!"

  • We've got to get this baby up to 88 miles per hour!

  • helper winds up robo-dummy while superhero logs into haz suit.

  • Gotta get it! Gotta get it!

  • "Hey Forest, it's me, Lt. Dan! Check this out, I built it from spare shrimp boat parts, an Arduino, and a severed head. Pretty far out, right?!"

  • I told you the atomic powered paper shredder was a bad idea!

  • Our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.

  • Radioactive tag is always a bad idea.

  • Radioactive milk was a bad choice!

  • On the next episode of Early Aerospace History: When foley bags go wrong!

  • "There is just no way this is going to work, but if you insist..."

  • Sweet please keep me posted on new events!

  • Apparently even Gordon Freeman has experienced budget cuts.

  • He obviously forgot to pack a spare air tank.

  • "Don't worry folks, I've reset the system and it will re-boot fairly quickly. What? No, it's not a lack of Oxygen - it's the 95% drop in pressure that causes his face to look like that. Ah, there we go; he should regain consciousness in a few minutes."

  • Hey! Get off my airhose!

  • "The reverse centaur stuck in the toilet tank." I think this is real. :)

  • the porta-recycle-potty for motorcyclist has the potential to extend the riding range after the device completes its planned miniaturization redesign which also includes a carbon/methane recapturing system build into the helmet. unfortunaly, due to lack of funding, the biofuel capturing device originally intended for the seat is now directly inserted into both of the riders waste expulsion organs.
    [Please click on the star to vote]

  • man demonstrates exotic riding lawnmower.

  • "i should have used a licensed chiropractor."

  • Bio-Hazard Man's super power was that he could defecate half-sized clones of himself.

  • As you can see, we are making great progress on our human solid waste collection unit, though we are still having issues with the wiping mechanism.

  • An inventor at this years AHC (Autonomous Humanoid Competition) makes last minute adjustments to his entry's guidance system after it locked on to a safety officer instead of the guide beacon.

  • I told him not to divide by zero

  • Are they using the guy in the motorcycle helmet as a condom?

  • After 87 hours of Labor, we are pleased to announce the "birth" of our sweet robotlet, Fred.

  • Velcro Boy captures Bio-Hazard man!! Father struggles to separate them.

  • Really glad to see you guys at Maker Faire, just wish you had brought more of your store with you so I could empty my wallet and save on shipping. :)

  • Robonaut 3 prototype make its Maker Faire debut!
    Unfortunately, the California heat and Earth's gravity prove too much of a challenge for the team's EMU-styled backback transport.

  • How long will it take the guy to realize that the radiation he's producing far exceeds the limit of the suit?

  • Robo-Human Test #367;
    Statis: Failed;
    Notes: Still haven't resolved the constipation reaction....;

  • SparkFun Human Breakout Board v0.1

  • Official judge's uniform for the blue-hoodied, hat-wearing, drink-holding skateboard competition.

  • Winner of the Sparkfun.com-sponsored "AHC" (Autonomous Human Competiton) posing with his "Mr. Robota" project.
    Runner-up: "Guy with a skateboard" (seen in the background).

  • The sad part is, that guys helmet used to be only black and yellow.

  • SparkFun's first ever robot guided human contest.

  • Tiat's the spot Roy, keep scratchin'

  • "My siamese twin had to be quarantined, he's pretty upset about it."

  • Ready to evacuate in 3..2..1..
    Oh! hey look a little girl with a camera * smile *

  • "Keep winding! I can almost use my legs again."

  • Just... need... a... little... more... fuel... to... start... the... flaturated... biogas... ramjetifier.

  • "WHAT?!? You wanted me to build a RETINAL scanner?"

  • Get out of my dreams, get in to my jar (get in to my jar).
    set to Billy Ocean's "Get out of my dreams, get into my car"

  • Behold! The Cutting-art-State-of-the-edge-High-tech New Product Post Dave Annoyance Expensive Device!

  • Must... remove... stupid glass thingy... before... I suffocate.

  • Walt Disney's frozen head finally found a body.

  • when geeks and junk collide

  • "Suffering from great pressure to maintain his family legacy of innovative spirit young Edwin Edison tests his latest attempt to put the portable back into port-O-let."

  • A proven fair regrowth capsule! Insert your head into the tube, concentrate really hard, and watch that receding hair-line disappear! (results shown in background)

  • Don't plug it in that hole!

  • Damn it! My coffee is gonna get cold!

    How in hell am I supposed to put the helmet on over the pen cap?

    Air holes. Should've remembered air holes....

  • I told you not to eat so many prunes - then you had to go and drink a whole pot of coffee - I told him the zippers stuck ha ha - hold on buddy I almost got it

  • Guy in Face Shield "I knew those pop rocks were a bad idea!"

  • Little does the blue sweatshirt man in the back know that he is next!... Never put you drinks down at a Makers Faire, the people are way to creative.

  • Guy Smiling "I told you I would get you back for cutting a hole in my pants! Now you're stuck in my Ex-Lax-Duino 5000: Face Shield!"

  • Okay, I caught him. Get my head out of that jar and back in the helmet!

  • I can make him talk without moving my lips!

  • Mythbuster had Buster, TopGear The Stig. Let us present Jarvis- SparkFuns own Waste man...

  • The mad scientist was overjoyed because he had twins

  • dad wipe my buttocks while your at it take this box of crap and toss it into the chemical dump facility

  • "Why are you stopping to smile at the camera? The suit is still trying to eat me!"

  • wish I had a tum

  • The mad inventor smiled as his beast with two backs roared to life.

  • All your heads are belong to us!

  • engineering sci-fi to sci-now!! ..

  • DON'T PANIC! You'll be out of there in a minute (but first, let us take some souvenir photos).

  • Feeling in your arms? No no, that's phantom limb. Perfectly normal when your body is cut off. Hey, you feeling okay?

  • "import Restroom.h"

  • Bob takes his Red Alert 2 fanaticism to new levels with his DIY Psychic Beacon.

  • I KNEW the self-contained rebreathing system and instant bean burrito tablets were going to be a bad idea...

  • Banned Science Lab Pranks: switching the decapitatee's oxygen to methane.

  • While the inventor of last-ditch life support was excited, the patient reported significant discomfort.

  • Taking the phrase "Getting a-head in life" to a whole new level!

  • Just one more push and he'll be out.

  • "This was a BAD day to forget my towel!"

  • New at Maker Faire: methane powered rocket packs! Methane source not included.

  • In retrospect, the double-D battery for the magnetic seal on this hazard suit may have been a mistake.

  • Constipation: It's a two man job that's incredibly hazardous.

  • What do you mean we didn't install the Texas catheter?

  • "To infinity and beyo..... Uh Oh, I think I just pooped my spacesuit.” Hey Nate, what smells up there?

  • "A true hero: saving his peers from biotoxic waste"

  • Hmmm, Just a few minor adjustments...

  • "Using my jedi mind powers i shall break out of this jar strains"

  • Ever since his body-ectomy, the patient has exhibited extreme symptoms of constipation.

  • Jar Head Life Support System

  • I thought for sure my HMO would have covered this!

  • The new SparkFun propulsion system has a new and somewhat unusual ignition source...


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