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Maker Faire, SparkFun Flickr and a Caption Contest

Check out our Maker Faire Photos, our Flickr page - and how about a caption contest?

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Update: The caption contest will end at 9 AM MST on Thursday, May 26th. Get your entries in before then!

There is no shortage of the unusual at Maker Faire.

When SparkFun first started, one of the things we really wanted to make sure we did was have clear, detailed photos of our products. In fact, that was one of the factors that led to SparkFun's inception - the fact that our CEO, Nathan Seidle, couldn't find photos of the actual parts he was buying. It made sense to him that he should be able to see what he was spending his money on. Product photos continue to be something we focus on today.

The soldering workshops at Maker Faire were a blast.

In addition to product photos, we also like to try to document events we attend and keep tabs on whats happening around SparkFun. So, in case you weren't able to attend Maker Faire this past weekend, we have a fairly large photo set to check out! I've picked handful of my personal favorites to post here, but there are a lot more on our Flickr page.

The life-size Mousetrap game is always a hit.

If you haven't visited the SparkFun Flickr page before, there are some pretty cool shots. In addition to the photos from Maker Faire San Mateo this past weekend, there are tons of other pictures from things like our trip to Siggraph, the 2011 AVC Competition, and other zany shots.

(Insert your caption here)

And since we're talking about photos, lets do a caption contest! Take a good look at the above photo - and give us your best caption in the comments. Try to keep them fairly PG! The winner gets - wait for it - a SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino! Let the captions fly!

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