April Caption Contest

It's time for a little bit of fun. Let's hear your best caption!

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It’s time again for your monthly caption contest! The rules are simple:

  • Leave your funniest clean caption in the comments section below. We reserve the right to delete captions that we deem inappropriate. We’re not too stingy, but try to keep it moderately PG-13.
  • Captions submitted any other way besides in the comment section will not be accepted. That means do not use the feedback form!
  • Captions will be accepted from the moment this post goes live until Friday, April 11th at 10 a.m. Mountain Time.
  • Please only one caption per person. Please!
  • A crack team of humor experts will pick the winner and we will announce it next week.

Here is today’s photo:

alt text

The winner will receive $100 in SparkFun credit! Submit your captions below! Good luck!

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  • “You’ll notice, our new model is black, with a yellow border.”

  • My head is cold, my beard is bold, I have a bird I like to hold.

    • From the new Dr Seuss sparkfun book, “One LED, Two LED, Red LED, Blue LED”. Well played.

      (edit: Make that book and I WILL read it to my daughter)

  • A Sparkfun employee explains that even for geeks picking up chicks isn’t that difficult. Just be gentle and have confidence!

  • Our newest sensor will allow you to measure the airspeed velocity of any unladen bird.

    • African or European?

        • You just died. You can no longer win the caption contest. Unless.. you bring me a shrubbery!

          • I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! :D

            • :D Well played sir.


              [Apoligies to anyone else trying to read this thread]

              Man: You sit here, dear.

              Wife: All right. Man: Morning! Waitress: Morning! Man: Well, what’ve you got? Waitress: Well, there’s egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam; Vikings: Spam spam spam spam… Waitress: …spam spam spam egg and spam; spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam… Vikings: Spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Waitress: …or Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam. Wife: Have you got anything without spam? Waitress: Well, there’s spam egg sausage and spam, that’s not got much spam in it. Wife: I don’t want ANY spam! Man: Why can’t she have egg bacon spam and sausage? Wife: THAT’S got spam in it! Man: Hasn’t got as much spam in it as spam egg sausage and spam, has it? Vikings: Spam spam spam spam… (Crescendo through next few lines…) Wife: Could you do the egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam then? Waitress: Urgghh! Wife: What do you mean ‘Urgghh’? I don’t like spam! Vikings: Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Waitress: Shut up! Vikings: Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Waitress: Shut up! (Vikings stop) Bloody Vikings! You can’t have egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam. Wife: I don’t like spam! Man: Sshh, dear, don’t cause a fuss. I’ll have your spam. I love it. I’m having spam spam spam spam spam spam spam beaked beans spam spam spam and spam! Vikings: Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Waitress: Shut up!! Baked beans are off. Man: Well could I have her spam instead of the baked beans then? Waitress: You mean spam spam spam spam spam spam… (but it is too late and the Vikings drown her words) Vikings: (Singing elaborately…) Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam. Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam!

    • … an unladen swallow. At least get the quote right. (I wish I’d thought of it.)

  • It’s hard to source a good tweeter.

  • If you look at this picture and see a man holding a bird, you need better ventilation while soldering.

  • I will love him and keep him, and call him George.

  • Enginursday: Hardware Implementation of Flappy Bird!

  • I built a pickup line generator and it worked marvelously. Check out this cute chick i picked up.

  • Today on Sparkfun’s Adopt a Pet we have “Fluffy.” “Fluffy” keeps mostly to himself and is a very good pet. He is great for companionship and also will keep unwanted visitors out. He also comes with a bird that he will not put down. We see that as a bonus.

  • What? Ducks can be metal.

  • The first entry into the AVC 2014 - aerial division.

  • Chicks dig the 555 timer.

  • “Hodor!” - Hodor

  • Meet our billing department. They’re a bunch of quacks if you ask me.

  • Why die the Ducky cross the road…..?? Why it was to visit the Chicken…

  • “I will love it and I will hold it and I will hug it and I will pet it and I will feed it, George. Yes. And I will shield it, George! I will WIFI shield it and I will GPS shield it and I will …”

  • Aww, that’s cute, cuddly, and fluffy - I shall call him ‘FLUFF’ - oh and he’s holding a baby chick.

  • “Meet the new Quacker-in-Residence”

  • Duck, I’m your father.

  • This is not the Eagle Light I was expecting.

  • You’re in good hands… with SparkFun

  • I won’t let you have him. my mother taught me never to give someone the bird.

  • Just so you know I looked long and hard for a picture of John Coffey holding the mouse in The Green Mile to post here…

    no such luck.

  • “Welcome to our friday new product post, we have no new products this week so I brought a bird.”

  • “DUCK!” “No, it’s a ch…” WHAM!

  • I, take thee, to be my Tweety Bird , to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you till death metal do us part.

  • We now carry a bird and a hot guy :)

  • In addition to tweets, the upgraded interfaces include USBeak and WhyFly.

  • As a late April Fools' Day prank, Mike will randomly replace our Arduino-Day-Orders with ducks (and possibly bunnies).

  • “Next time that Nick Poole asks me to do something I’ll pass…”

  • Dude, when I said let’s go pick up chicks, this isn’t what I meant.

  • Here at Sparkfun, we believe that If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck!

  • Free gift with purchase of EggBot.

  • zool / last year / 2

    I said ‘hand me that chip’, not ‘hand me that chick’

  • And on this new product Friday we introduce our new Random Tweet Generator. The organic components of this generator really makes a great random product. This is a very unique product for us, because unlike most of our products it requires sustenance, and loves.

  • Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

  • And it runs on Biofuel.

  • This tweeter remains linear to 60 KHz. It can however get a little messy.

  • New Product Friday, Angry Birds.

  • “Vehicles must have an option for manual control. Fully autonomous vehicles (no ability to take over control) will not be allowed.” Dammit. At least I can still enter my greyhound in the ground competition.

  • Removed

  • A bird in the hand is worth two Arduinos.

  • Last week SF had their annual Photos With Your Pet Day where everyone could get a professional picture taken in front of a lovely backdrop. This year they also had a prize for the employe who most resembles their pet. And the winner is…..

  • No! I am NOT your mother!

  • Removed

  • He thawt he thaw a puddy cat?

  • This would have been appropriate a week or two ago: “SparkFun extends Fluke the bird”

  • This new product is “Cheap Cheap”

  • Get into my belly…

  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushy beard

    • Please…. This is SparkFun.

      A bird in the hand is worth two bridging the busbars.

  • I am holding a duck. Your argument is invalid.

  • And open up the church and see all the PEEPle.

  • A Bird in the hand is worth two in the Bushing.

  • As you can see now, the first one is now invisible. When the capacitors are completely recharged the second one will appear to disappear also, watch!

  • Do these come in blue?

  • Losing his bet that he could eliminate the need for a Mindwave by using meditation to link his mind to a trained carrier pigeon.

  • This new product needs special tweetment and then put on the bill.

  • “ I am on top of the food chain. Come to my belly, you little thing”

  • Presenting our Avian Breakout Board Mini.

  • “I will name him George, I will hug him, and pet him and squeese him”

    from an old Looney Tunes cartoon for those of you too young to remember… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JlVqfC8-UI

  • Typical hardware guy ….. no idea what software is.

  • See how big I am.

  • Decipher for the correct meaning.

    M R Ducks. M R Not Ducks. OSAR. CDBD I’s! LIB, M R Ducks!

  • When your ‘bot can snatch the duckling from my hand unharmed, you are ready, Grasshopper.

  • Unveiling our latest product- the Sparkfun Twitter client.

  • Introducing the SparkFun African Swallow. An amazing new product; capable of carrying coconuts and turning almost any plant matter into energy

  • Conn / last year / 1

    Feeling down.

  • I don’t care if all I have is down and stubby wings. If he tries to eat me I’m flappin' my bloody head off.

  • and nothing up my sleeves…..except my sleeves…

  • This gentle giant illustrates the effectiveness of the sparkfun pickup line generator to pick up chicks.

  • This is NOT what I ordered.

  • The jock yelled: “Duck, nerd!” Then this happened….

  • damn, flipped him the bird and he caught it.

  • I vant my burd.

  • “This bird gets its face-tattoo to join the Hooded Menace as the Effigy of Me”.

  • vybz263 / last year * / 1

    I thought you said it was my turn to present a Sparkfun “duck-umentary”. Oh well, we’re here now…

  • We finally found it … the absence of the ornithological piece… a certain avian variety … we found the BIRD …



  • He may look cute now, but if he sees a green pig, it’s a whole new story.

  • My girlfriend liked it but for some reason it scared the crap out of a bunch of microsoft guys ..

  • subbdue / last year * / 1

    Say Hello to My Little Friend ……. {…… Not guns, but Thuvan Throat signing follows …….}

  • Unable to go – only one duck.

  • Proof positive that Sparkfunsters are chick magnets.

  • Proof positive that Sparkfunsters are chick magnets.

  • We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Duck 0.5, the most advanced bio-robotics kit on the market. No programming, assembly, batteries, or reason to have it required.

  • What we discovered during the most recent Nest teardown.

  • We are happy to announce our New Product Materialization Chamber now also generates living organic matters! We are still fine tuning the chamber as the menace quotient is still not matching the target.

  • New product fry-day, Alive lunch is here at sparkfun: Pluck, Fry, Enjoy…

  • Meet Louis Winthorpe III, holding his prize duck - Clarence Beeks.

  • ♪ Little ducky, you’re the one… You make bathtime lots of fun! ♪

  • Well hello ther. Have you heard the word about the bird…

  • Of course he looks uncomfortable, thats not a USB port! and why is he holding that duck?

  • Check out SparkFun’s new semi-organic HomeTattooing Device… For tatts that are light as a feather!

  • Check out SparkFun’s new semi-organic HomeTattooing Device… For tatts that are light as a feather!

  • (Booming Announcer Voice) First there was RoboCop. Then there was Robot Chicken. Now we present Robot Duck. (Producer) Cut - there is a typo in the line It’s a “F” not a “D”. Get casting over here and we will resume tomorrow with the correct cast.

    -Mods- Not pg13?

  • Boxed into a corner with a duck. What would McGyver do?

  • Powered by Arduino, the new ChickBot uses various sensors to keep its course, but most importantly, it’s OpenSource!!

  • Meet the newest team member - Senior Bugs-B-Gone

  • cholq / last year * / 1

    You have been randomly selected to serve on the next Duck Tribunal.

  • The real secret as to whats inside the red boxes is….

  • Automate your tweets with our new tweet-omatic

  • We have mastered Electronics…But we are Still SoFt at Heart <3

  • I’m a “Quack” just like my little buddy. drmrs 4/9/2014

  • If I sit nice and still, maybe nobody will notice me, but that guy is a sitting duck !!

  • Delayed “April Fool” - yeah, I get that…

  • Great PIX! Some body tweet it out!

  • One of these is a Chick, the other a Magnet. “Chick Magnet”? You decide…

  • Another Sparkfun Perk - I meant to say perch

  • Product of the week: The live tweeter kit

  • Meet the new chick, same as the old chick.

  • Latest Kickstarter? The Birduino

  • Easter’s just around the corner. Pick up some Sparkfun stuff for your chick!

  • Rarely seen in daylight, the common couch sparrow emerges. Look, this one is holding a chick!

  • Oh, No! Did someone say “Duck!”

  • Do you remember school photos? “Stand in front of the camera, and they say ‘Watch the Birdie’”

  • Really? Call me bird brain again and I’ll show you…!

  • With the success of the MicroView we are happy to announce our next kickstarter: MicroSpark where we take an entire SparkFun engineer and compress their functionality into an adorable small form factor.

  • I found it in my beard, next to a bunch of Egguinos

  • I present to you: the QUACKINATOR!

  • It a robot, honest!

  • If you can’t open it; you don’t own it.

  • s1gm9 / last year * / 1

    …and we’ll have them for a limited time only. Don’t forget to check the neat carrying cases and power Supplies for this item.

  • “Before”

  • Let’s get Quackin on all of those Arduino projects folks!

  • New biological printhead. See the results when it ran back and forth across my shirt…

  • Boss, I hit this bird with the Sparkfun tour bus but don’t worry, with 6 million dollars and some OSH off the shelves, we can rebuild it bigger, faster and stronger!

  • Exueezze me, where is my pond….?

  • Duck you !

  • D_C / last year * / 1

    This little gem has been a part of our kits for years now but now we will be selling it separate as well! Note, programming level required: master.

  • SparkFun’s new product, a robot that lays golden eggs !! cheers !!

  • “Along with the MicroView, Sparkfun is proud to announce the MicroChicken! Check it out on Khickstarter…”

  • New Product Friday - Blackbird Pi, microcomputer. only Sixpence!

  • SparkFun always tries to find the best “cheep” parts for our customers. Here is our secret weapon.

  • New Product Friday: Sparkfun PTH Chick Magnet Kit.

  • Let’s see you pull a bird our of your beard!

  • Why do bikers always get the chicks?

  • Here at Sparkfun, the laughs come ‘cheep’.

  • “His name is Steve. When he grows up, he will be my wingman”.

  • “Does this bird make my hands look big?”

  • “I found this in my beard…”

  • Some say that nerds do not get chicks. At Sparkfun, we beg to differ.

  • For less than $1 a day you could help feed this orphaned duck.

  • New Product Friday - Bird V2.0 (breakout board not yet available)

  • “As part of our Social Media expansion we brought in our Twitter expert.”

  • M / last year / 1

    Cooper, just a wee hooded merganser, is publicly shamed at Sparkfun

  • LMO / last year * / 1

    and that is how you power up our new product with biofuel

  • How to pick up chicks.

  • Where do I plug this in?!

  • New Product Friday: Products that will make you Tweet, literally…

  • “I Duck you in Warm within Keep you free from sin ‘Til the sandman he comes!”

  • Ogre / last year / 1

    “This… is NOT breadboard compatible”

  • Catch the bird, not the beard!

  • Chick’s dig metal.

  • It was the gerbils day off !

  • even HULK jr has a heart…<3<3<3

  • You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!

  • The brain of a dead man waiting to live again in a body I made with my own hands!

  • E.G. / last year / 1

    “I need to tweet this” both of them said.

  • Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!

  • Ready for breakfast

  • Hacking software… Yawn. Hacking hardware… Been there done that. Hacking wetware… Interesting!

  • This is what we are calling our new “Arduckling Shield.” It adds the capability to adorabilize all of your Arduino projects.

  • The warm wetness spreading across Dave’s palm put the lie to the bird in the hand platitude.

  • You will NOT believe what this thing just did on my hand…

  • Are you in good hands?

  • This is what you get when all the blue smoke comes out.

  • I said there’s nothing up my sleeve……..you got a problem with that? This is magic.

  • New Product Friday presents, the xBird. This version includes access to the newest analog transmission protocol - Migr 8.0.

  • Which came first, the Chicken or the Engineer?

  • Recreating Angry Birds or Flappy Bird? Either way that chick is in trouble.

  • With Sparkfun, the birds in the bush are better than the one in the hand.

  • “I’m clearly no Marty Stouffer, but have you seen a window anywhere?”

  • WAIT - Which one is the ugly duckling?

    • This duck craps on my hand and I’ll show you ugly duckling.

  • With this new product anyone should be able to get into hardware quacking.

  • Meet the newest cast members of “Duck Dynasty”

  • Newest SparkFun product line: bio-robots

  • Dispatches from the singularity

  • We sell hardware, but we care about software too

  • nsa / last year / 1

    Us here at Sparkfun take care of all that appear in our doorway, even the bearded and tattooed!

  • Mulitiple Choice:

    A. Classic:
        Of Mi...err...Birds and Men.
    B. Really classic:
        To tweet or not to tweet...
    C. No class:
        I has two birds...  um... I had two birds, cause I eats one.
  • “A robin feathering his nest Has very little time to rest While gathering his Bits of twine and twig Though quite intent in his pursuit He has a merry tune to toot He knows a song Will move the job along”

  • The new Arduino can turn anyone into a chick magnet.

  • No animals were harmed in the making of this post. (we think)

  • 50 parts Amish, 50 parts Punker and one part ducky, mix and Voilà!

  • “Now it quacks in the dark, as soon as I come up with a way to stick all the new components in it.”

  • Furthermore, it is 100% Arduino compatible!

  • This is the only way I can get her to take a nap.

  • “Hold on, let me do my best duck face for this selfie”

  • The black australorp chick is the finest in egg bot production units.

  • Someone gave him the bird and he’s not happy about it.

  • “We can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

  • Behold our savior, Bird Jesus.

  • I present to the the latest in unmanned aerial surveillance. The B.I.R.D. (The Biological Imitating Reconnaissance Drone).

  • Tweet this - A bird in the hand is worth a six-pack of Busch.

  • After dozens of breakout boards, cables, arduinos and hours of programming, I finally have the final piece for “Duck Hunt 2.0: The Hunt Get’s Real!”

  • Stay in my hand if you want to live…

  • At Sparkfun, we make our geeks strong enough to bite the heads of many other birds than just your run-of-the-mill geek who only does chickens.

  • “Hey friend, have you heard… about the Word…?”

  • Enter and we will begin the ritual.

  • “ I hatched with with my Arduino controller incubator and now it thinks I’m the mama… and to be honest I am kinda attached to this little ugly duckling, do you see the resemblance?”

  • Similar to Aloha is 802.11 D… Duck metro area networks never realy did catch on

  • Pick'n up chicks.

  • CDTV / last year / 1

    Is there a discount if I order 25?

  • OK, so what do I need for omelettes? Some cheese, tomatoes, eggs … damn. I guess there’s no omelettes today.

  • New Product! Communications back to basics! No Nyquist limit!

  • The engineer asked, “What seems to be the problem” and the Duck replied, “I cant get the guy with the beard off my butt.”

  • Sparkfun Electroncs, selling NSA spy technology to the masses (bird not included).

  • “For less than a dollar a day, you too, can help protect the endangered Colorado wild bird population.”

  • New Product Friday: Cyborg Creatures - Bird Edition

  • I am not sure what happened at the concert last night, but I just regurgitated a duck.

  • jma89 / last year * / 1

    @sparkfun Check out this little birdie! #tweettweet

  • “Quack.”

  • D_C / last year / 1

    This week we present the ArduBird, a Sparkfun microprocessor disguised as a bird!

  • He had a hard time with the “bring your dog to work” concept - so we put him in the <finger quotes> red room. Foie gras anyone?

    Death to all but metal!!!

  • Hey, Man, this not my bird!

  • New Produck Friday!

  • Upcoming SparkFun Live event will be Angry Birds with Real birds!

  • Looks like our overnight experiment in the Sparkfun Media Room was successful!

  • SparkFun employees become one with nature.

  • After the controversy and threats regarding the lyrics to his multi-platinum single “Give me all your breadcrumbs!”, Colorado’s premier rapper MC “Mile-High” Quackers was accompanied by his bodyguard while performing court mandated public service.

  • I demand a bird policy. If employees can bring dogs to work, then birds should also be included.

  • I’m glad to show you the new Arduino Bird!

  • Look everyone we can now 3D Print real birds!!

  • c312 / last year / 1

    “I pick things up, I put things down”

  • This is my duckling! There are many like it, but this one is mine!

  • This…. of course… is the WORD!

  • Awwww He’s so cute… and the Bird’s nice too.

  • SparkFun’s submission for the AVC.

  • Why yes, I am giving you the bird!

  • Todays tutorial… building the bird….

  • Can I bring it to work? I promise I won’t let it run afowl!

  • barryjh / last year * / 1

    Introducing SparkFun’s new “Duck Powered ELastoLite Arm Tatts”, sure to be a real crowd pleaser!!!

  • Rubber Duckie, you’re the one, You make bathtime lots of fun