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1, 2, 3,... 19 new things to post. We are really excited about so many of these, it's hard to choose where to start.

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1, 2, 3,... 19 new things to post. We are really excited about so many of these, it's hard to choose where to start.

This is a SparkFun original widget and tutorial. It's a simple device that sits in between your keyboard (or other PS2 device) and your computer. I began to wonder one day - just how many key strokes do I type in a day? Is it 1,000? 10,000? FYI - I'm averaging 19,000 key strokes a day. If there's 28,800 seconds in a normal work day, I'm pounding a key every two seconds. Cool.

The WiTilt v3 has been released! This is a great evolution of a product. This device is basically a wireless accelerometer with the data transmitted over Bluetooth? connection. For version 3, we added a gyro, a LiPo battery, charger, and threw it all into an enclosure. An amazing amount of sensor power packed into a small device.

We are happy to have finally brought in the XBee module from Digi! These powerful little modules allow the user to seamlessly communicate between microcontrollers in a point-to-point and multi-point setups. We hope to carry the entire line soon!

If you think you're being watched, you probably are. Cameras get smaller and smaller. This is a 640x480 camera module with built in filtering and shutter control. We've also got a 1.3mega-pixel module as well if you need better resolution.

Speaking of imaging, the ADJD-S371 color sensor is now available on a breakout board! With only the components needed to get the module up and playing, the ADJD breakout board is as simple as we could make it.

Polar is the big name in heart rate monitors. This OEM module from Polar will enable your next project to pick up heart beats from any Polar heart rate strap.

UV is cool! These ultraviolet LEDs light up the security strip in a US twenty dollar bill. Use these UV LEDs for a wide range of unique applications.

Everybody needs a keypad! This one is pretty simple, and reasonably priced.

Smaller, better, faster, right? Well the new layout for the VS1002 MP3 breakout isn't really faster, but the layout is smaller and a lot better.

The Nokia 6100 LCD now has a new breakout! Now with a tri-color status LED and two general purpose buttons.

This is a blank, standard thickness and size card with a magnetic stripe. We carry both high and low coercivity models. Works great with our card writer.

We got some great feedback from a customer. "How many engineers does it take to get photos of a clear plastic on a colored background?" Well, we have no excuse. The images of the SparkFun clear enclosure are now updated and super sweet.

It took a few months, but we finally found a digital multimeter we are proud to sell. It's got all the features you would expect, plus the ones you actually need.

The RFL remote is based on the Nordic nRF24L01 chipset. The hardware within the remote is fully published and hackable for the brave. Control just about anything with this flexible controller.

This is a simple red-dot laser with added functionality. The power for the module can be toggled via one of the control pins, the input voltage is rated from 5V to 12V, and the module is terminated with a polarized connector to prevent reverse connections. Who cares? Lasers are fun.

We are pushing all of our batteries to this simple but very effective JST termination. Many of our batteries now include a protection circuit as well!

It's just a miniDIN6 breakout. Handy for keyboard and PS2 prototyping in a bread board.

Last, and very much least, we've added a few more jumper cables. These are low-cost, but absolutely crucial when you need one.

That's it! I'm done! Have a splendid weekend.

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