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Arduino Cake!

Hungry? How about some delicious electronics cake?

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Here at SparkFun Electronics, we pride ourselves on our geekdom. We think there is no shame in geeking out about stuff - whether it's tinkering with electronics, driving rock crawlers, or climbing mountains. To us, showing this type of passion in what we do not only makes projects more enjoyable, but continues to drive us to new heights. Just when we think we are at the pinnacle of geekdom, we get out-geeked yet again. Which brings us to today's post...

Check that out. Yep, that is an Arduino birthday cakes. We received pictures of this from one of our customers. His wife and kids know how much he loves electronics, so they fashioned (quite-well) a cake that is a replica of an Arduino Uno (SMD version) board.

In addition to the Arduino cake, they also made a breadboard cake! That's a whole lot of delicious cake! Great job and what a cool way to celebrate a birthday. Hope you saved some cake for the rest of us...

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