See how one college student is keeping an electronic eye on his food supply.

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To paraphrase Mark Twain: I didn't have time to highlight one project, so I'm going to highlight three.

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A series of quick videos to help you get started with the Blynk Board and app!

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Every month we'll highlight a project on Hackster that catches our fancy.

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The Thing + the Blynk app = a match made in internet heaven.

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A festive project from a local teacher using SparkFun Inventor's Kits!

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An easy project to keep your quadrupedal family members safe!

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Our fearless CEO details his data-logging work on SparkFun's hive

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A Q&A with one of the creators of an awesome, potentially-lifesaving new safety device

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SparkFun: helping people throw stuff into space since 2003

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How and why we built a tiny Internet of Things apartment at SparkFun HQ.

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Can biometric data help shed light on panic and anxiety?

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A few pictures and videos from creating the aluminum skulls for my arcade cabinet build.

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AVC has come and gone, but we've been working on some cool demos behind the scenes!

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Okay. So how do we encourage Sparkfun to hire more minorities so that they can not only tolerate diversity, but BECOME more diverse.
Just as one does not have to be LGBT or trans to be tolerant and supportive of LGBT and/or trans people, one does not have to be a POC…
This bothers a lot of people. Tragic.
Surveillance goes hand-in-hand with diversity. I tip my hat to your exhibition of virtue and inclusiveness.
You imply that you have diversity inside your walls. Before reading this thread I never worried about Sparkfun’s political correctness or…
Every version, every edit, every comment you write goes straight to my inbox. Watching you work is almost enough to keep me from swinging…
Indeed. If you think about it, gay lifestyle is central to almost every human endeavor. Electronics: gay. Technology: gay. Biology: gay.…
Thank you SparkFun for opening my eyes to the Lesbian / Gay lifestyle - for which I can only express warmth and acceptance if not…
^^And this is why I love your company. I’ve met you, your wife, and nearly all your staff and I have to say that all of them are wonderful.
As the person that owns said business website I feel it’s my duty as a human and as a business person to push for positive change. I hear…

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