Final Day to Fund the National Tour

Update: Well, we all gave it a valiant effort. But sadly, our National Tour Kickstarter did not get funded. Ultimately we raised $61,018. While we were a long way from our goal, the fact that the SparkFun community pledged this sum of money is nothing short of amazing. We still have some great…

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Holiday Shipping and Kickstarter Update

Alright all you procrastinators - Christmas is next week, which means you might be doing some last minute holiday shopping. If you’re like me and wait until the very last minute, you’ll need to know the info on when you can place your order and still get it in time to give to your Cousin…

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Just Three Days Left for the SparkFun Kickstarter

The SparkFun National Tour Kickstarter is now in its final days. If you’re not familiar with it, we’ve been running a campaign for the last month or so in the hopes of funding a SparkFun National Tour. On this tour, we will travel across the United States, teaching educators how to make…

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New Product Friday: Hot New Products

First order of business, we don’t have a video this week. During the holiday season, we’ve had a lot of people out and we want to do something special for the next video. We also have a surprise post next week, so this will be your last New Product Post for the next couple of weeks. But…

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Upcoming Class Reminders

Today we have a reminder for a couple of upcoming classes hosted by the SparkFun Education Department. The first class is Microcontrollers for Educators and is taking place on December 29th, 2012. This is an all-day (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) class designed to help educators make electronics part of their…

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Holiday Gift Giving Guide Video

It’s that time of year again - the weather has turned cold, there’s a dusting of snow on the ground, and you spend each morning scraping a thick layer of ice off of your windshield until you can’t feel your hands. Ah yes, winter has fallen and with it comes the inevitable frenzy of…

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Kickstarter Update - December 11, 2012

There are now only 8 days left on our Kickstarter campaign to help fund the SparkFun National Tour. As I write this, we are currently sitting at just a touch over $37,000. The good news is that this is a great start and hundreds of people have made a contribution to help bring electronics to…

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Engineering Roundtable - Nick talks about Logic Gates

In today’s episode of “Engineering Roundtable,” SparkFun product guru and hacker extraordinaire Nick Poole discusses logic gates and how you can model them using dominoes. Check out the video! As always, please feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments section…

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New Product Friday: As Promised

Hello everyone, we’re back with yet another Friday New Product Post. We’ve got a few new things this week, including a few things that some of you suggested. Let’s go first to the video. Vimeo version can be found here When we got our first batch of samples for the Raspberry Pi…

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The Adventure Box

Back in September, a few SparkFun folks headed east to New York for the New York Maker Faire. While we were there we met Asa Alger, who had a prototype of an innovative new project - an interactive toy vending machine called the Adventure Box that dispenses unique handmade toys. Our own Dia Campbell…

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The SparkFun Newsletter

If you missed any of the newsletters and would like to check them out, head here. Over the past four years that I’ve worked here, SparkFun has worked hard to expand our availability to make it easier to stay in contact with customers. We’ve added a Twitter account, Facebook page,…

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SparkFun National Tour Kickstarter Update #2

It has now been two full weeks since we launched our SparkFun National Tour Kickstarter, so we wanted to provide another update. If you’re not familiar with our National Tour Kickstarter, we are hoping to harness the crowd-funding power of Kickstarter to conduct a nationwide tour to show…

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According to Pete - Revisiting OpAmps

Today is the first Monday of the month (December already?!), and that means it’s time for another edition of “According to Pete.” In today’s episode, Pete revisits OpAmps. Check it out: As always, please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments section…

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New Product Friday: Bright New Products

We’re back from Thanksgiving break, so now we need to talk about all the products from the past 2 weeks. We’ve had some new stuff show up, so let’s get right to it and see the video. We had a lot of fun writing ‘secret’ messages on the glow in the dark panels. When I…

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USB Buying Guide

If your desk looks anything like mine, it’s covered in various types of cables. I have some old stand-bys, like an ethernet cable, headphone cable, and my laptop power cord. And then there is a whole bunch of USB cables - a mini-B for my FTDI Basic, a micro-B for my cellphone, and a B for my…

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SparkFun Kickstarter Update

It has now been a full week since we launched the SparkFun National Tour Kickstarter, a Kickstarter aimed at funding a tour across the country teaching electronics to educators in schools, libraries, and after-school programs. Today, we want to pass on some updates. It’s been really exciting…

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Engineering Roundtable - Critter Cam/Automated Terrarium with Joel

Before we get into the meat of today’s post, I want to announce the winner of last week’s caption contest. Here goes nothing… Go home, Dave. You’re drunk. Congrats, jdavidbush! You’re the proud owner of a Sphero. Keep an eye on your email for further instructions! Now,…

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Today is Cyber Monday!

Well, today is officially “Cyber Monday” - so if you’ve been holding off on getting your order in, now is the time. We are offering free shipping on all qualifying orders until midnight tonight (November 26, 2012). Vimeo version can be found here The rules are pretty basic: Both…

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SparkFun National Tour Kickstarter

One thing SparkFun has realized over the last few years is that when it comes to embedded electronics, the earlier you start learning, the better. We marvel to think about the question, “What if we had learned about some of this stuff in 6th grade, instead of in college (or beyond)?”…

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Don't Forget Cyber Monday

Hey! Listen! SparkFun is closed Thursday and Friday, 11/22 and 11/23. Deadline to place an order that will ship this week: 12pm (MST) Wednesday, 11/21! Not all shipping methods apply. See our shipping policy for more details. ** As you may know, next Monday (November 26, 2012) is Cyber Monday - the…

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