Check Out the Roboat

The Roboat is a GPS-guided Autonomous Boat.

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Open House Video

Couldn't make it to the Open House? Check out the recap video.

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The Treeduino is back!

Thought the Christmas season was officially over? Think again!

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Watch out, we have some great new products just in time to light up your holiday.

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Home Heating From Afar

Taking apart the new Nest WiFi thermostat.

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Have a webcam (or want one) and going to participate in Free Day?

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It's almost Christmas, give the gift that can print happiness.

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We're back with more products for your Friday.

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SparkFun Tours ThinkGeek

In early December Nate and Chris paid ThinkGeek a visit at their HQ in Fairfax, Virginia. Here's a rundown of what happened!

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We want to come document your Free Day experience!

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Another round of new products including new MicroRax, a book and some more retail.

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Christmas Orders

Some information on getting your orders in time for the holidays.

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Check out Twine

Simplifying physical computing with Twine.

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It's time for your monthly caption contest.

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Check out this month's edition of According to Pete"

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It's been two weeks since we've talked about new products. Check out what's new for the past couple of weeks.

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Check out this project from SparkFun's own Todd Treece.

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Check out this GPS-based project from a SparkFun customer.

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Casey, Thanks for the update. I wondered when something like that would come along, after I returned a cardiac monitor that had a lithium…
On the topic of “bio-medical data collection”, last week I went to the cardiologist, and had an EKG. They used a “pod” type machine that…
While in college I flew with a group down to Texas for a competition carrying two robots as carry on. That was an interesting flight,…
It’s always fun to trash patents, but take a look at, for example, the fishing robot. Claim 1 has so many parts that they run out of…
After I’d typed it in, I realized that if it could add a “species specificity”, the G&F (or F&G) folks might actually consider it a…
That’s just silly, pants aren’t patented, they’re pantented!
Actually looks like ours came first. I call PRIOR ART!
I helped build some robot luggage on the Ben Heck Show! I didn’t know there was a patent out there already, people are always asking me to…

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